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4 Reasons Why You Should See A Break-Up Coach

Getting over an intense, long-term relationship can be an incredibly painful experience. Even short-term relationships can bring about a similar level of loneliness and sadness. If you have recently ended a relationship with your partner, then right now you’re probably feeling a little lost. It’s almost like stepping out of a bubble. Suddenly, your entire life and existence seems different. You don’t feel like yourself anymore because for such a long period of time you operated collectively with this other person. Regardless of how you are faring after becoming recently single, it is always a good idea to see a break up coach. Why? Well, read on to find out more.

Find your individual identity again

Your life can become so connected and embedded with someone else’s, so much so that you lose sight of who you individually are as a person. It is obviously very cliché but seeing a break-up coach can be a meaningful point of support and help you ‘find yourself again.’ Think about all the things you like doing and you’ll likely find that these hobbies, values and lifestyle habits were shared with your partner. This can cause pain, confusion and anxiety when they are no longer a part of these activities.

Seeking effective and constructive therapy can help you answer the tough questions about yourself. Your break-up coach won’t judge; they are merely listener. Take a lead during your sessions and discuss all the things you like doing, used to like doing or have considered getting involved in. Reframe who you are as a person and, most importantly, enjoy it.

Remove the negativity from your life

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Another reason why you should see a break-up coach is they can help remove the negativity from your life. Think of it this way; after you have split from someone, you’re likely feeling a range of thoughts. Sadness, depression, loneliness and other such negative thoughts can leave you broken. Don’t retreat into your shell. During these moments, it is crucial that you remove these negative thoughts from your life. It’s quite common for individuals to drift away from their friends and family during these tough times, only to wallow in sadness.

However, having a personable and constructive break-up coach in your corner can help you remove the negative self-talk and help build your self-esteem. If you have been the one “dumped”, then there is a good chance you’re feeling quite low on confidence. But it’s important to realise that your ex’s opinion shouldn’t dictate how you see yourself. That’s their choice and their decision to make.

Help you move on


While it may sound arbitrary to “move on”, your break-up coach can help you remove the negativity from your life and, naturally, look forward to more meaningful, better relationships in the future. Some relationships can be destructive and damaging to one or both parties involved.

Speaking to a break-up coach can help you pinpoint what you want in a partner, thereby providing you with the confidence you need to get back into the dating world. There’s no need to rush. There’s always time to find something meaningful and wonderful.

Reframe your life goals and priorities

The end of a relationship shouldn’t just be loneliness and sadness. It should be a period where you reframe your life goals in a constructive way, so take some time off work and start planning. Discuss these values and goals with your break-up coach; they can help you develop actionable plans to help achieve what you want in life. Reflect on what you want and think about things you kept putting off because of your relationship. It might have been something simple like going to the gym more or starting some new dance lessons. Maybe you really wanted that promotion at work but missed out because of issues with your ex? Either way, the sky is the limit.