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About Us

Transforming The Nation is a news and blog site with variety of topics.

Transforming The Nation – is Not-For-Profit website.

We are a group of friends with journalism backgrounds. We work full time at different news organisations. However, we thought we will run our own – not for profit website.

We write on a regular basis about business, lifestyle, celebrities, politics, tech,  home and improvement and law. We also write about health issues and other related topics.


Who we are?

Martin Lee

Martin enjoys writing on a broad range of topics and is eager to share his knowledge while expanding it any way he can. He is particularly interested in exploring the digital world and reporting on the routinely exciting developments in technology. Martin combines his writing and technical knowledge to translate industry specific news in a way that’s digestible by a wide audience. He is interested in not only providing information for technically minded readers but on encouraging more people to explore subject matter they may not have tried before. Martin is always delighted to find people enjoying and sharing his work. Marin mainly covers topics related to Technology.

Sarah McCallum

Sarah is an experienced writer who enjoys exploring a range of subject matter and translating information into an engaging article. She has a particular interest in the health field and encourages her readers to become smart health consumers. Sarah knows that health related topics can be hotly debated or misrepresented and maintains an objective approach to all her work. Sarah works hard to publish work that has real life meaning for her readers and enjoys hearing the responses people have. Sarah mainly covers topics related to health.

Miranda Burton

Miranda is a highly talented writer who has a carefully refined style. She enjoys exploring subjects in detail and makes persuasive arguments throughout her work. Miranda has a special interest in all law related areas and enjoys breaking down complicated legal matters into easy-to-understand writing. She has a highly developed view of the role of law in society and works to express this wherever appropriate. Miranda’s work speaks for itself and regular readers always know to expect quality. Miranda mainly covers topics related to law.

Alexander Bailey

Alex is an up and coming writer who has built a large portfolio of quality work in his professional career. As an explorer of information, Alex chooses to focus on broad range of subject matter, constantly evolving his writing skill in the process. His charismatic and persuasive style makes all of his work a delightful read. Alex’s flexibility and eagerness to take on new challenges has made him a standout writer that never compromises on quality. Alexander mainly covers topics related to home and improvements and business.

Robert Taylor

Robert is a long-time writer who has had significant experience in a number of different industries. Particularly, Robert incorporates his general business expertise to write persuasive pieces on a wide range of related subject matter. With a focus on reliability, Robert continually impresses his readers with his tactful and informative style. He always makes sure to meet the high standards he sets for himself and his sincere dedication to quality is evident throughout all his work. Robert mainly covers topics related to business.

Samantha Rayne

Samantha is a delightful writer who tries to make every piece more exciting than the last. She is particularly talented in discussing subjects related to home improvement and design.  Samantha loves using descriptive detail to provoke the imaginations of her readers and always gives you something to think about after you’re done reading.  Her readers love to be immersed in her articles and use them as a catalyst for their own ideas. Samantha is always eager to explore new and exciting topics for the benefit of her readers. Samantha mainly covers topics related to home and improvements.

Oliver Thompson 

Oliver likes to write on a diverse range of subject matter and applies the same level of quality to all of her work. He has a broad vocabulary and highly refined writing style that makes her work a joy for English lovers. While already a proven writer, Oliver doesn’t stand still and is constantly working to improve wherever she can. Oliver’ readers know that they are in for a treat whenever they open up his work. Oliver covers variety of topics related to home and improvements.