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Farren Morgan – Grocer Medal Award

Every year the Army selects outstanding individuals and companies making a true and significant impact in the British Military Community   

One of the honorary recipients to be nominated, and successfully win the award was Lsgt Farren Morgan who is currently based with No 7 Company Coldstream Guards in Westminster, London. 

Winning the category of Soldier of the Year, Farren Morgan was recognised for his exceptional achievements, consistently going above and beyond to do everything in his power to contribute to the military’s success through his ingenious ideas, and continuous support. 

As a PTI, Farren has spent years developing his fellow comrades into elite soldiers in peak condition with the physical and mental skills to endure and overcome any obstacle. As a result, their lives were transformed as they progressed forward in their military careers. 

Beyond Farren’s impact in the Military, and his fellow soldiers, Farren would always give back to the community and express his genuine care for those that were in need. 

To make a significant, positive impact, Farren often assists with fundraisers for various charity organisations to do his part, and provide support to those in need. 

Among the charities Farren aided was the veteran’s charity, Help For Heroes, and the British Royal Legion, both dedicated to providing financial, social and emotional support to Veterans, service personnel, their families, and dependants. 

With the Grocer Gold in hand, Farren aims to continue with his efforts and significant contributions to inspire the next generation of soldiers to do the same, and make the world a better place.