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Everyone’s Favourite Social Media Influencer Sabine Shahda Continuing To Make Waves Online

Highly renowned for her captivating and honest demeanour, Sabine Shahda is still rocking the boat with her online content.

Today, we live in a world so focused on online presence whereby we are looking at our phones more than we look at each other. Because of all these incoming devices and technological developments, we know more than ever. We look to inspiring leaders to help move a generation forward and these days, most of our pioneers are in fact found on social media platforms. With examples of incredible women like Greta Thunberg paving the way for climate change, there are many examples of social media influencers influencing the world at large. Sabine Shahda is a prime example of an online celebrity who is making a difference. Her work across her Instagram reels, has made her one of the most beloved social media influencers in the game today.

Sabine Shadha started off in popularity for her business ‘Stems N Pots’ making flower and artistic arrangements for clients, events, and parties. What makes her so engaging from her followers is real and frank persona, making her one of the most watched influencers across the globe. She has made a name for herself having natural and raw beauty, in the hopes of inspiring young girls to follow in pursuit. Combining her incredible social media prowess and her charming online persona, she has risen in following throughout the years of her social media existence.

Sabine Shahda

She is most notable for her travel inspiration videos, galvinating across Bratislava, Budapest, Dubrovnik,Geneva, Paris, Rome, Transylvania, Vienna, among many other destinations around the world. Recently, she shared her experience travelling to Paris (, engaging the world artworks of Louvre, eating delicious pastries, and taking in the beautiful landmarks.

From her vacation trips around the globe, unfiltered and raw beauty posts, and her inspiring life story, you can see why she has become social media’s sweetheart.

To catch up on what’s she has been up to you can check her Instagram: @sabine.shahda for more details.