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How Modern Accountant and Business Strategists Like Paul Siderovski Diversify Their Livelihoods

In an age of uncertainty, people often turn to minds like Paul Siderovski and Kerwin Rae among others for guidelines on optimal diversification and strategic perception to secure their future. This is by no means financial advice; it is simply a breakdown of some of the many ways that business strategists elect to invest their time and money to secure a stronger future for themselves which could lend itself to inspiring others to consider similar roads.

Of course, everyone is a little different, everyone has their own roadmap for success and for keeping their heads above water – Paul Siderovski for instance is a well-respected strategist and founder of SiDCOR, a chartered accounting firm that is focused on nurturing growth and development in business leaders and businesses themselves.

Before we delve too deeply into the various avenues available for people to diversify and grow – we’re first going to use Paul Siderovski as an example of why diversification is so vital for achieving one’s goals the right way.

Paul Siderovski’s Credentials

As we’ve mentioned already, Paul Siderovski founded and still works with SiDCOR as their primary Business Strategy and Coaching Specialist. However, before we get there, it’s best to know where he came from.

After graduating from Newcastle University with a Bachelor of Commerce as well as becoming a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, The Taxation Institute of Australia and the National Tax and Accountants Association – the young upstart found himself working at one of the most prestigious firms in the country by the name of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).

As a chartered accountant for PwC, he built a foundation of skillsets and understanding of ethical business acumen and taxation law that would come in handy in his future endeavours.


While his work at PwC was laudable and highly engaging, Paul Siderovski decided to venture onward and make his own mark on the world around him, filtering his passion for finances with a thirst for business growth and development of people with the creation of SiDCOR in 2002.

The accounting firm, based out of Newcastle but with reach across the country, has been touted as a more progressive and expansive accounting firm that has assisted countless people and businesses with maximal taxation benefits, improving cash flow, and exponential growth increase thanks to Paul and his team.

Tony Robbins & The Never-ending Learning Curve

For the better part of 10 years, Paul Siderovski has been working closely with Tony Robbins in the Platinum Partnership Members Program which has allowed him to travel around the globe to impart invaluable knowledge learn from the Master of Business expansion and personal development, Tony Robbins.

Throughout those 10 years, Paul has become closer with the mogul and together they formed the Global Accounting Advisors (GAA) which allows Paul Siderovski the chance to speak at Tony Robbins Business Mastery Events in cities around the world.

On top of this Paul Siderovski has also invested in countless enterprises and people with the expressed focus on building brands, businesses, and people to varying degrees. This angel investment mentality has come with its share of lessons and methods for improvement in the future.

Family Life

You’d think that a busy business life would be enough to keep all hours busy, but not for Paul. He and his wife Valentina Siderovski along with their four kids spend as much time together as a family as possible. While work does keep him busy, the family unit is still thriving and benefitting from the lessons learned on the road.

Diversify – Your Investments

Spread Your Wings

One of the common underlying principles that guide business strategists in their own empiric existences is in the way they invest their time and money. This is not specific to Paul Siderovski but is more reflective of the general advice that exists for those looking to diversify and how some of the best and brightest have chosen to do so.


Some of the leading business advisors have made their portfolio of income and assets diversified by investing in SMEs. Whether it be monetarily based support or consorted advice and mentorship to nurture growth and development, there is much to be gained from the investment of time or money into different businesses.

Whether it’s through purchasing and expanding a business personally or in the case of Paul


As the old saying goes, ‘there’s always the stock market’. Oftentimes you’re likely to see any strategist tout the importance of stable growth stocks and the stock market as a whole being a viable option for excess investment and safekeeping.

The stock market has its own set of calculated risks, so it is always advisable to tread lightly. However, some of the best business advisors and financial minds have suggested the careful methodical consideration of sound investments into solid stock options.


Investing in property and the property market is a difficult first stepping stone for newcomers to the market. However, businesses that are looking at expanding and business advisors look at the rising tide of the property market as an untapped opportunity for growth and investment.

Diversify – Your Surroundings

The Right Advice

Many of the best business advisors and success stories have a common underlying factor at play, the right people surrounding them. Paul Siderovski is no exception to this rule. In his time within the Platinum Partnership Program, he has rubbed shoulders and conversed with some of the brightest minds in the modern world. As mentioned before Tony Robbins has become a close contact for the budding accountant and business strategist along with Richard Branson and many more.

Offering Back

Paul Siderovski expresses his passion through his own speaking ventures and community work. He has become a pillar of the community offering his years of experience and plans of action to the businesses that require it. It is this intrinsic focus on betterment that has led him and SiDCOR to be one of the most prestigious institutions in the country, and one to watch for the future.