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Lokolil has gained attention from talented musicians

The music industry can be a highly competitive place. For artists with an authentic story to tell and a true talent for crafting songs, creating a path to success is there destiny. Lokolil is the next biggest rap star who is rising to fame with each passing day. Known for his ability to pair catchy Drill beats with true stories of his life growing up on the streets, Lokolil has a bright career ahead of him.

At just 21 years of age, Lokolil has already gained attention from talented musicians and industry bodies that see him as the next huge success. Having recently signed to Atlantic Records, Lokolil is showing a lot of promise and is sure to become one of the biggest names in the industry in no time.

The release of his first song “You Are My High” skyrocketed him into the public consciousness. Quickly gaining over 300,000 views on YouTube, a number which continues to grow day by day, it became clear that Lokolil has a unique ability to connect with people from all around the world.

Growing up in New York, Lokolil has experienced many hardships in his young life. Having lost people close to him, he channels this pain into creating his songs. His audience is given the chance to experience what he has through his lyricism. This allows them to form a connection to him as an artist and become invested in his journey to success.

Lokolil now has a young family of his own and is committed to creating a better life for his two babies. He is utilising his quickly developing career to make a name for himself and allow his babies to live a life free from the violence and hardships that he faced. Lokolil has become recognised by other prominent artists such as No Jumper, Shawn Barron from Motown, BLOU and Kazi Magazine. This recognition has encouraged Lokolil to continue his journey and utilise his talent to build his success.

A pioneer of the Drill Rap scene, Lokolil is one to watch. 2022 is sure to see him release even more hits and continue to build his reputation as an artist. If you are someone who is invested in finding the best new music, you can find Lokolil here and watch his rise to fame:

Instagram: @OfficialLokolil

YouTube: Lokolil

“You Are My High” (Prod. By JayKash):