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Benefits of learning music coming from a successful musician; Ty Suave

Ty Suave, a successful musician and entrepreneur, has been through it all. Ty knows what it is like to struggle with poverty and addiction. Ty also understands the power of music as an answer to life’s biggest struggles. Ty wants you to know that he is living proof that learning music can change your life for the better! In this article, Ty will discuss the benefits of learning music coming from a successful musician.

Who’s Ty Suave?

Before we dive into the benefits of learning music, Ty Suave wants you to know that he has been there. He understands what it is like to struggle with homelessness and poverty.

Ty Suave is a singer, songwriter, and producer from New York City. His first loves were music and writing songs for people to enjoy when they needed something different than what was being offered at the time – he had an original sound that captivated audiences!

After being homeless for two years, he still managed to chase his dream and pursue music. He had a tough time during high school with living on his own before moving back in with family support after graduation; it all began here – New York City was where this young man started getting serious about what would become an incredible passion in life: making songs.


Ty has been working hard to make the best music possible, and he’s not going anywhere anytime soon. His first single, “Drip Hard,” is proof of that!

Recently, his other hit, “Re-Run,” is gaining more traction and popularity. The single was released in 2021 with a music video that has been played on YouTube frequently since then!

In 2022, he plans to release another single off of the upcoming EP. Ty Suave has had two EPs previously, but this next one is going to promise something different than before!

Benefits of Learning Music from a Successful Musician

Now that you know a little about Ty Suave let’s discuss the benefits of learning music from someone like him!

Music can help with stress relief.

When you’re feeling stressed out, listening to music can be a great way to calm down and de-stress. It also helps you to focus and relax. Ty Suave said that he listens to music as a way of centering himself before going into the studio because it automatically brings him back to the center!

Music has been scientifically proven to help with cognitive function.

Learning new songs can actually cause your brain cells in the hippocampus region (the part responsible for memory and learning) to grow! Ty Suave said that he thinks this is one of the best benefits of music because it helps him on a daily basis.

Music has great effects on your mood.

When you feel down, sad, or unmotivated – getting into some new jams can change all of that in an instant! Ty says that there is nothing better than putting on his headphones and just jamming out to get over a bad mood.

Listening to music can help you sleep better at night.

Ty Suave mentioned that he has trouble sleeping sometimes, but when he puts on some tunes, it helps him fall asleep faster! Music calms your mind down so that you can relax and get the rest you need.

Listening to music can help with your creativity and problem-solving skills.

If Ty Suave is stuck on a song, he knows that going for a walk or listening to some of his favorite songs will give him new ideas! When our minds are relaxed, we have more ability to think clearly, so it makes sense why music can help with problem-solving skills.

Music provides a sense of community.

One thing Ty Suave loves about music is the sense of community it brings – he has never felt so connected to anyone as to when he’s on stage performing or in the studio making new music! There is something special about sharing an experience with someone through music that creates a sense of community, Ty says.

Music can help you get in shape.

This one may be a little surprising, but when Ty Suave works out, he listens to music! He said that there is nothing better than getting your heart rate up and listening to some jams – it makes the workout more enjoyable and helps him push through because he has his favorite songs to keep him company.

Music can help you speak more confidently!

Ty Suave said that this is one of the benefits of music he takes advantage of most – when he’s on stage performing, Ty always feels confident because his songs are speaking for him, and all of the hard work has paid off in front of an audience.

To conclude, Ty Suave is a musician who has used music as his escape and the tool to achieve all of his goals. Ty mentioned that he wouldn’t be where he is today without learning how to play an instrument, write songs, and perform at concerts! Follow Ty’s advice and learn an instrument today to see all of the amazing benefits it has to offer! For more info on Ty Suave, visit his Instagram profile.