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Personal Trainer Timothy Russell Dewhurst Discusses Injury Prevention and Recovery Strategies

Exercise is a great way to stay in shape, but it can also result in significant injuries if you don’t take the proper care before, during, and after your workout. Personal trainer Timothy Russell Dewhurst says that anyone can suffer a workout injury, regardless of their fitness level or experience working out.

Many common exercise injuries, such as muscle strains, sprained ankles, and pain in your shoulders, knees, and wrists, can be prevented by taking simple steps in advance. You also need to pay attention to things during and after your workout to help prevent injuries.

Below are some of the best ways to prevent workout injuries and ways you can recover.

Warm Up

Every exercise regimen should start with a warm-up. Doing this allows your body to prepare for the exercise ahead. Warming up will loosen up your joints and muscles while also gradually increasing your heart rate.

Simple ways to do this include riding on an exercise bicycle, jumping rope, or even jogging in place for about five or 10 minutes.


There are varied opinions on whether stretching actually helps to prevent exercise injuries. Regardless, it’s a good idea to integrate stretching into your routine.

You should stretch for a few minutes before and after a workout and also try to stretch at least two other times during the week. This will help keep your muscles loose.

Make sure that you don’t bounce during your stretch, and don’t hold any stretch for more than 30 seconds.

Ease into Workouts

If your body isn’t used to certain exercises, it’ll be more susceptible to sustaining an injury. That’s why it’s important to ease into workouts, especially when you’re trying something new for the first time.

For instance, don’t just start with a sprint if you want to pick up running. Start by walking, then work up to jogging, then work up to running.

Wear Proper Gear

What you wear is also important in helping to prevent exercise injuries. Having the proper footwear is one of the biggest keys to doing so. Supportive footwear will help keep your ankles in line and actually help you keep proper posture.

Practice Good Form

According to Timothy Russell Dewhurst, many exercise injuries happen when people don’t practice good form. Before you perform any exercise, make sure that you know what the proper form is and how to do it.

This is especially important when you’re lifting weights and using a weight machine. If you don’t have proper posture, you could easily put undue pressure on certain parts of your body, which can result in significant injuries.

Cool Down

Just like every workout should start with a warm-up period, it should end with a cool-down period. This is equally important, as you must ensure your heart rate returns to a normal level.

A great cool-down method is walking at a solid pace for five or 10 minutes.

Rest and Recover

Rest and recovery time are just as important as everything else discussed above. Just like you need sleep at night to refresh your body and mind, your body needs a break from exercise from time to time.

Make sure that you’re taking enough time off in between workouts so that your body can work. Ice sore muscles and use heat when necessary.

Most of all, listen to your body. If you are experiencing soreness of any kind, pay attention to it. Don’t try to push through it, as that is when you can easily suffer an injury.

About Timothy Russell Dewhurst

Timothy Russell Dewhurst is a personal trainer based out of Sydney, Australia. He is passionate about helping his clients reach their goals and maintain healthy lifestyles. Tim works with all fitness levels and has helped numerous individuals reignite their motivation to work out. He specialises in strength and cardio training, marathon training, and yoga to improve strength and mobility. Tim Dewhurst wants to help clients create a realistic and sustainable regimen that meets each individual’s unique needs.