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Interesting Facts About Personalised Balloons

Arguably the most popular of all the party supplies available are the classic personalised balloons. It is impossible to throw a party without buying at least a few inflatables.

You may think that you know everything there is to know about these common party supplies. But, the reality is, you don’t. Here are a few interesting facts about personalised balloons.


1: You may find it annoying to blow up multiple personalised balloons for your child’s party, but you should be thankful that the inflatables of today are made out of latex!

Before modern inflatables were invented, people used to blow up inflated pig bladders and animal intestines instead.


2: As unsanitary as it was to blow up animal intestines, this practice continued until other inflatable options were made available.

The first ever inflatable to be made was invented by inventor and scientist Jacques Charles. This early version of the personalised balloons we know and love today was filled with hydrogen and released from Paris in the Field of Mars. This monumental occasion happened on August 27, 1783.


3: The inflatable created by Jacques Charles was not made out of rubber, and it was not until 1824 that the first rubber inflatable was created.

The first ever rubber ball was created by English physicist Michael Faraday. Although this creation is arguably a predecessor of the modern inflatables, it was slightly different.

In fact, this rubber ball was made from two sheets of rubber that was tightly pressed and sealed together.

colored balloons


4: In the 1970’s silver metalized balls were invented. These inflatables are still available today, but are more expensive than their latex counterparts.

Interestingly, these inflatables are made from metalized nylon which is actually relatively durable. This means that these party supplies are more durable and often longer lasting than the standard personalised balloons.

The first time these inflatables were recorded as being used was at the New York Ballet.


5: There are world records for almost everything, including the record for the most amount of helium inflatables launched at one time. This record goes to none other than the English Disney Park.

In August 27, 1994 at the presentation of the film ‘Aladdin’1592744 printed balloons got launched into the sky.

This huge event was organised and supervised by Colin Renwick and was attended by two thousand people.


6: The helium printed balloons we all know and love were actually not initially created for the purposes of party supplies. In reality, these inflatables were invented with the help of the space industry.


7: One of the main issues many people and governments have with inflatables is their environmental impact. Often, governments and local councils try to prevent people from releasing inflatables for this reason.

However, these party supplies do not actually have a negative impact on the environment. The truth is, latex inflatables are biodegradable.

This means that you don’t need to feel guilty about buying them for your next party!


8: You may think that the only use for inflatables is in the form of party supplies. But this is not the case, many people have used these air filled balls in creative, and sometimes illegal ways.

One of which is known as cluster ballooning. This is when people use a harness in order to attach themselves to a large amount of helium filled inflatables.


9: Have you ever wondered how high a latex personalised balloon can fly? The highest an inflatable has ever got is just over 5km.

After this height, the atmosphere gets too cold for the fabric to handle, which results in it freezing and breaking into fragments.