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How To Pick Your Perfect Café Blinds

If you happen to be in the market for cafe blinds that tick all of the essential boxes, it is worth taking some time to assess what those boxes should be.

What is the priority for your establishment exactly?

Is the aesthetic appeal top of the agenda, or do you wish to utilize the light to your advantage and control the temperature inside the shop for those patrons who are sitting down and enjoying a sandwich and a delicious cup of coffee?

Blinds are regularly overlooked as signature items that business owners examine in any detail, preferring to focus on other marketing bells and whistles or investing in a shop location that will draw in more customers.

The good news when it comes to this product is that it does not have to be an ‘either/or’ scenario.

Let us take a closer look at some helpful tips to that allows you to identify the perfect set that achieves the ideal result for the café.


What is Your Café Culture?

Those business owners and operational managers who are seeking café blinds require an item that ties into the culture of the shop. Is it an intimate setting? Is there a vintage ambiance with retro vinyl records and old school photographs plastered on the wall? Is it a modern establishment that reflects current day coffee chains with a minimalist style? Is it a local corner store outlet has been a part of the fabric of the community for generations?

The culture in this setting is important because purchasing a blind that runs contrary to that depiction and image will reflect poorly on the shop. Most of the cafés in Australia are very different to major corporate outlets and issuing something that is artificial won’t help the standing of the enterprise.


To Match or Compliment Décor?

view through the window blinds

When we look at café blinds from the perspective of the décor, we are delving into the aesthetics and the visual appeal of the design. There are vertical models, venetian, roller products, panel glides, wood and faux wood blinds, roman, shutters, honeycomb, aluminum, cell shades and many more.

Then there is the domain of the colour, from navy blue to grey, purple to brown, beige to forest green or teal. To find contrasting colours and styles that suit, opt for something that will compliment the walls and the paints that are utilized internally. White is a background that seemingly works across the board, but unique colours inside the premises will narrow that potential.


Think of the Practical Function

For coffee shop owners that want a minimal of fuss when opening and closing the doors to the public with their café blinds, they will usually venture for roller models. This is a user-friendly system that allows for ease of access and employees of all backgrounds will have no issue adjusting the item according to opening hours and times of day.

If there are patrons who are sitting in a vicinity where waiters and staff have to interrupt their table to access the blinds, then that is something that has to be taken into consideration. Products that require a great deal of manual alteration over the course of a working day are not ideal, so make a judgment on the positioning and maintenance of the window item early.


What is the Business Budget?

Unit costs will shift for café blinds as they will be dependent on a number of factors. What is the brand that you are buying from? Are they importing the goods or are you sourcing them from a domestic provider? Are there additional manufacturing costs or transport surcharges involved? Is the item in demand or is there a large quantity where discounts have to be issued to move the stock? A business in this setting will expect to pay in the region of $100-$200 per window, so budgetary concerns should be kept to a minimal degree even factoring in the service and installation following the transaction.


Light Exposure, Positioning and Temperature Control

Those businesses who have constant glare either in the morning or afternoon can really see their establishment suffer. A café should be a friendly, warm and welcoming place where patrons can enjoy a meal and a drink whilst they have a discussion with friends and family, or enjoy breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea over a read of the newspaper or magazine – all without experiencing consistent glare.

If a deluge of light exposure is hampering the customer experience, or the old blinds eliminate the light to cool the temperature below a comfortable standard, then utilize café blinds to oversee that department. Light filtering elements are available, seeing open slats or pleated shades offering contrasting degrees of light.


Type of Windows

If your windows are large or narrow, positioned high up or at eye level, then this will go a long way to picking your ideal set of café blinds. Different window shapes can see unique designs take flight, like arched styles for arching windows, motorised treatments for raised windows, and cellular shades for those wide open and transparent doorways.



Speak to peers and colleagues about their justification for their café blinds. Visit some of the more popular hotspots and see what is working for them and what isn’t. Then open a dialogue with blind providers who can examine what will fit the aesthetics and what will be practical for the business.