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A Guide On Seeking The Services Of An Abortion Clinic In Sydney

Terminating a pregnancy is arguably one of the toughest decisions an individual has to make. Indeed, there are plenty of things one has to think of and consider before eventually making a decision. What can make it even more emotionally difficult and traumatic is the notion that the medical procedure itself is very controversial. Pro-life advocates argue that terminating a pregnancy is inherently wrong, whereas pro-choice groups will argue that it is a woman’s choice and that the consequences of not having an abortion could be even more severe. So, if you are considering visiting an abortion clinic in Sydney and are seeking further clarification about the whole procedure and overall debate, be sure to read this guide in preparation.


Legal consensus

Put simply, there is no legal consensus on the termination of a pregnancy.  In Australia, the laws are quite conflicting, even between states. Indeed, the laws in NSW suggest outline that it is a crime, despite the fact that practitioners working at an abortion clinic in Sydney can legally terminate a pregnancy if they are concerned that the birth will compromise the woman’s emotional or physical health. Clearly, there is still a grey area regarding the legality of this process.


Consider all options

Before you ring up your local abortion clinic in Sydney, you need to be aware of all your options. During this time, it is best that you speak with those closest to you and those you trust. This information can be really sensitive, so you obviously don’t want it becoming public knowledge.

If you can’t envision a scenario where are able to offer the child the emotional, physical and financial support is needs, then a pregnancy termination is an alternative. Likewise, if you are worried that a particular medical condition could inhibit the child’s birth and development or affect you, then again a termination should be considered.


Do not go alone

Visiting an abortion clinic in Sydney alone is not your best option. It can be a really emotional and frustrating time, so the prospect of being alone after the procedure could exacerbate this pain. So, make sure you bring someone along to be with you for the procedure.

Be aware, however, that they cannot be present during the procedure. They will need to wait outside. Nonetheless, it is nice to know that someone you trust is in the abortion clinic in Sydney with you.


Travel arrangements

Organising travel is very important, since you cannot drive a car directly after the consultation. So, you must have either public transport organised or someone transporting you from the abortion clinic in Sydney. Plan ahead because the last thing you need is to be stranded during a really difficult time.


Important things to bring

When attending your appointment, you should remember to bring a few essential items. If you are taking any medication, this must be shown to your GP and other information from your local doctor must be passed on to the doctor who will perform the surgery. This includes your referral notice from your local general practitioner.

On top of this, you should bring an additional change of underwear for afterwards. Sanitary pads will also be useful.  Information regarding any current medical conditions should also be passed on.


Fasting guidelines

Finally, to prepare adequately for your appointment at an abortion clinic in Sydney, you’ll likely need to fast for a period of time. Alcohol cannot be consumed in the 24 hours prior to your procedure or 8 hours afterwards. Note that a surgery accompanied by an anaesthetic is governed by more strict guidelines: no eating in the six hours prior to the procedure.