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Where to find the best sandalwood tea in Australia

Sandalwood tea, also known as ‘Dumbuyumbu’ in Garrwa-Yanyuwa, is a traditional Aboriginal bush medicine. It has also been used in various other cultures to clear the chest, ease anxiety, improve sleep and enhance mental alertness.

sandalwood tea in Australia


Try a little at first if you haven’t consumed it before, as it may cause an allergic reaction in a small number of people, and/or may increase heart rate.

This article covers where to source the best sandalwood tea in Australia and how to make a good brew.

Where to buy sandalwood tea

Sandalwood tea isn’t widely consumed in Australia, which means it can be difficult to source. Difficult doesn’t mean impossible, though – there are a number of stores (both physical and online) that stock it, namely:

Australia Sandalwood Products

Australian Sandalwood Products Pty Ltd

Based in Queensland, Australia Sandalwood Products is a recently opened store founded by Glen Beaver, Director of Australian Sandalwood Products Pty Ltd, with a focus on selling Australian-sourced ingredients at affordable prices. Whether you’re looking for soap, shampoo, tea or a candle, this shop has you covered.

Get all your products here:

Other Shops:

Gourmet Nation

If you’re looking for all-natural, local produce, Gourmet Nation is a great option. They specialise in Aussie bush foods, which are harvested using traditional and sustainable Aboriginal techniques, and they don’t use excessive, wasteful packaging. They sell sandalwood leaves in 5g tins – perfect for a good brew of tea! They also stock products like paperbark cooking sheets, water lily seeds and inkberries.

Mt Romance

This is a company with over 20 years’ experience in the sandalwood industry. They sell premium Aussie goods including body lotions, fragrances and even deodorants. With a range of gift packs and bulk buying options to choose from, as well as a loyalty program and regular store events, Mt Romance is an excellent choice for your gift buying needs.

Steve’s Tea Company

Steve’s Tea Company prides itself on selling a huge selection of blends – over 240, in fact! They also stock items such as cups and saucers, making them a great choice for people looking for a gift. This business is based in the U.S., but they may be able to ship to Australia, so check them out.


The English department store Harrods stocks a unique blend of cinnamon and sandalwood black tea, which can be shipped internationally. This is a boutique, woody blend of natural ingredients, which isn’t quite as strong in flavour as those sold by the other stores on this list. It may be a good blend for those looking to ease into this new flavour.

How to brew a cup

Making a delicious cuppa is easy! Simply pop a few leaves into a mug and add boiling water. Let the tea steep for around 2-3 minutes; not too long, as this is quite a strong blend which can taste bitter if left for longer. Then remove the leaves and wait for the brew to cool down (or add a few drops of cold water if you can’t wait!).


While the best sandalwood tea in Australia isn’t necessarily easy to find, it may be worth the effort. Boasting a unique, Australian flavour profile and a number of potential health benefits, this is a truly special blend that is sure to please. Feel free to browse each store’s website to find the brew that is right for you and your needs.