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A New Unique Vibration Coming From Kazuki Tokaji in the form of ‘Souvenir’

In the realm of music and expression, there have never been enough ways to separate yourself from the pack, Kazuki Tokaji knows this better than most. His eclectic and unique journey in navigating the musical world has been one to watch in recent years, and the releases that have been peppered along the way signify a more mature and considered approach with every passing year.

Kazuki Tokaji has one of those stories that have to be seen to be believed. He was born in Japan in 1995 and was almost immediately enamoured with the concept of musical expression. He picked up his first guitar when he was 7 and started playing the drums at age 10, for Kazuki Tokaji, there was no looking back.

From Japan To The West Coast

His family migrated to the states where he continued his journey of musical discovery and developed a unique musical palate thanks to his dichotomous upbringing on two different shores. He developed a unique sound and taste that would invariably impact his musical career and be present in his subsequent releases.

Kazuki Tokaji

Learning From The Greats

He attended the Musicians Institute of Hollywood in 2018, while there he was able to gain a sense of understanding from Steve Vai and Marty Friedman and get a go at finding his unique sound and energy that he carries with him to this day.

Teaching The Future Greats

Not only does Kazuki Tokaji have his part to play in two different bands Dylan n Alice and Circle The Earth respectively, he also carries his solo career and finds time to tutor the next generation of musicians in his spare time.

All the while he has managed to keep learning and hone his sound into the releases you see before you. Souvenir was released on July 22nd and is a new stepping stone for his future career prospects, which continue to look brighter and brighter with every passing release.

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