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Tips to extend the life of your phone’s battery

Since the introduction of smartphones we all seem to have taken advantage of the increased functionality they offer. Functionally serving as a handheld computer, smartphones end up using a lot of power as we browse the internet, talk to friends and record lengthy videos.

However, with this increased use the battery life on our phones has become more important than ever. Everyone seems to have struggled with their phone running out of juice and smartphone manufactures actively use enhanced battery life as a selling point for new devices.

If you don’t have the means to buy a new phone every time battery technology is improved then perhaps you’re interested in extending the life of your current phone’s battery as long as you can. Let’s take a look at the simple tips you can do to give your phone’s battery the longest life it can get.

Don’t let the phone discharge

Tips to extend the life of your phone’s battery

Discharge is when a phone reaches 0% battery life and automatically switches off. Instead of using your phone until it reaches the low percentages, charge it whenever you get the free chance.

The phone’s battery will gradually hold less capacity as the cycle of charge/discharge goes on and this is why people report their phones dying faster the longer they own them. In order to minimise this degradation of the battery don’t charge the phone from 0%.

Don’t charge phones too quickly

While many devices have fast charge options or workarounds that speed up the charging process they are actually detrimental to the long-term capacity of the battery. These options can be useful when you’re in a rush but should otherwise be avoided.

Conserve battery charge with simple strategies

Using your phone with all the setting turned on all of the time will kill its battery incredibly fast. Make sure to follow the following steps to ensure you aren’t draining battery life unnecessarily:

Reduce the screen brightness

Tips to extend the life of your phone’s battery

Screen brightness is one of the hungriest drains on a battery’s charge. Make sure you only ever use the minimum amount of brightness to see what you are doing without needing to strain.

Use Wi-Fi instead of phone data

While you might not always have access to Wi-Fi it should always be used in place of phone data. Not only does this save you money on data usage but Wi-Fi is up to 40% less power consuming than mobile data like 4G.

Cut down on videos

Tips to extend the life of your phone’s battery

Recording and watching video content is one of the most power hungry functions for mobile phones.

Use smart power modes

While this step sounds obvious, it is worth mentioning because of how much power it can save you. Low power or power saving modes on most modern phones will reduce CPU usage for a number of different processes.