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5 Tips for Tending to Sunflower Seeds and Helping Them Blossom

Sunflowers are one of the most popular flowers for gardening enthusiasts to grow due to their bright colours and towering beauty. If you are successful in growing these magnificent flowers, they can reach up to 12 feet tall. In order to achieve this level of success, however, you need to know how to carefully tend to these flowers when they are just seeds. These are 5 expert tips for tending to sunflower seeds that will help them grow into stunning flowers.

5 Tips for Tending to Sunflower Seeds and Helping Them Blossom

#1 Understand the Growing Process

Before you begin growing any plant of flower, it is essential that you do your research. Understanding the sunflower’s unique growing process before you even plant your seeds will help set you up for success from the get go. Being as informed as possible about what sunflowers need to grow will allow you to determine if you have the right conditions, timeframe, and more to plant your seeds. Once you have gathered some initial information, you can then plant your sunflowers seeds.

#2 Have the Right Conditions

Every flower requires specific conditions in order to thrive and sunflowers are no exception. Warmth is the ideal climate for sunflowers and these seeds are typically planted in Spring after the cold air of Winter has dissipated. You can plant your sunflower seeds indoors and monitor them here for the initial stages, though they will eventually need to be moved outside for more airflow and sunshine. Ensure the weather is right for your flowers’ growth.

#3 Plant When Soil is Warm

In addition to the air being warm, the soil that your sunflower seeds are planted in should also be warm. Warm soil is essential for allowing sunflower seeds to germinate. Ideally, your soil should be 70 degrees Fahrenheit or higher in order for your flowers to thrive. You should also pay attention to what kind of soil your flowers need as some sunflowers prefer acidic soil while others prefer alkaline soil. You should also ensure that your soil is well-drained soil and not too heavy.

#4 Water Frequently

Another essential thing to keep in mind when tending to sunflower seeds is that they require plenty of water. Sunflowers thrive best on about an inch of water per week. Be sure to pay attention to their behaviour, however, as a hotter climate may call for more water. If the top inch of soil is dry, this is usually a good sign that your flowers need watering.

flowers need watering

#5 Fertilise Your Seeds

For that extra bit of nutrition, it is advisable to add some fertiliser to your sunflower seeds. Every four weeks or so, you should be monitoring the progress of your flowers and adding fertiliser where necessary.


With these tips, you are sure to be on your way to growing a beautiful field of sunflowers in no time. Continue to care for your flowers throughout their life and they will thank you with their gorgeous colours and towering height.