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Strengthen Your Team Through Outdoor Experiences with Social Nature Movement

Traditional team building methods can be boring an ineffective for many corporate, school or social groups. Innovative company Social Nature Movement hopes to shake up these traditional methods and provide genuine and unforgettable experiences through the medium of outdoor adventure. Based in New Zealand, they have no shortage of incredible landscapes to provide the backdrop for these team building journeys.

New Zealand is known for its myriad of incredible natural landscapes. Social Nature Movement use the passion that they have for these stunning locations to help groups of all kinds appreciate the wonders of nature and also the power of human experience. They have dedicated themselves to leading countless groups towards unforgettable experiences and strengthened connections with each other. The journey is equally as important as the location and they believe that this is essential for creating unbreakable bonds between people.

Whether your terrain of choice is land, water, or snow, Social Nature Movement can customise an adventure for you. They even have the choice of a mystery tour in which they surprise you with the choice of itinerary. All of their packages are affordable and are highly sought after by corporate groups, school groups, private groups, and more. Explore the best that New Zealand has to offer while enjoying the journey with the people around you.

If you are interested in pursuing a life of outdoor adventure, Social Nature Movement can also provide guide training. The team will pass on all of their valuable knowledge of New Zealand’s landscapes in order to help you educate others on the wonders of nature. With gear and equipment hire also available, you will be well and truly prepared to master the elements.

When embarking on your journey, Social Nature Movement also provide optional glamping accommodation. This service is popular among touring groups and even for private events such as weddings. The opportunity to stay in these stunning locations is a unique and memorable one. This opportunity paired with the unmatched insider knowledge of Social Nature Movement’s guides makes for an enriching trip for your group. As a member of the Tourism Industry Association, they strive to provide only the best experiences for all clients.

Groups can enjoy significant New Zealand landscapes such as Golden Bay, High Country Mackenzie Basin, The Catlins, and so much more. The tailored experiences that Social Nature Movement provide are highly unique and ensure that you see these sites at their best and gain an understanding of their significance. They value and respect New Zealand’s rich culture and use this as a backdrop for team bonding experiences.

Awaken your inner explorer with an adventure from Social Nature Movement. No matter which group you want to accompany you or where in New Zealand you would like to explore, a weekend with this guided tour will ensure that you have the most fulfilling time of your life. Experience the bonds created through adventuring. The journey paired with a stunning backdrop will help you feel closer to those in your group.