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Salma Hayek speaks up on the future of women in Hollywood

Salma Hayek spoke up on the direction that entertainment is taking when it comes to women in the industry. The American-Mexican actress seems to be hopeful about the future of women in Hollywood.

The Oscar nominee was at the premiere of a new comedy film along with co-stars Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish. Titled “Like A Boss,” the film tells the story of best friends Mia and Mel played by Haddish and Byrne respectively. The pair become business partners who run their own cosmetics company. Their friendship is tested when a beauty industry titan — played by Hayek — makes an offer to buy their boutique.

Speaking to Variety at the red carpet in New York City last Tuesday, Hayek said:

“What I can tell you is that a lot more women are directing and acting and writing and producing. And there are a lot more movies made about women and for women because the audience was neglected.”

“We’re on the right path. And we’re not going to stop,” she added.

Hayek also explained why the female-led film is different from the usual films that put women on the center stage.

“For once this is a movie that is not about a woman looking for a man or needing a man,” the actress shared. “I hope that a lot of people go to see it because the more that they see movies about women, the more that it empowers women.”

More and more female-led films are taking over the box office with the emergence of movies such as “Captain Marvel”, “Little Women”, and “Wonder Woman”.