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John Hamm has no interest in a Mad Men reboot

We’ve got some disappointing news for Mad Men fans who are looking forward to future iterations of the hit drama series — a reboot might not be on the table. At least, not if Jon Hamm could help it.

The actor, who stars as Don Draper on the AMC period drama, is not at all interested in jumping on the reboot bandwagon when it comes to his past projects. Hamm discussed this in an interview with Us Weekly during the Mercedes-Benz Academy Awards Viewing Party.

“You mean like The Division on Lifetime? Is that what you’re talking about?” the 48-year-old quipped when asked if he would revisit his previous roles. Hamm then gave a very blunt answer to the question saying, “No is the short answer.”

While the Emmy-winning actor made it clear that revivals aren’t his thing, he did express his hopes to make a small screen return. “But I’m glad I was involved with such a wonderful television program and hopefully, I’ll get involved in another one,” he continued.

If you’re wondering which of Hamm’s characters we’ll never get to see a revival from, here’s a video of the actor breaking down his most iconic characters:

But fret not, fans still have the chance to catch the actor in his upcoming projects. The star will be in Top Gun: Maverick and Wild Mountain Thyme which is both currently under post-production. As for now, Hamm is gearing up to star in the thriller Off Season which is slated for a 2021 release.