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Russia plans to “use the advantage” of global warming

Russia has announced its plans to adapt to climate change, particularly in terms of economy and population. It also noted that while it aims to mitigate the damage caused by global warming, it will “use the advantages” of it at the same time.

An outline of the country’s two-year plan of action to do so was published on the Russian government’s official website on Saturday. In the document, Russia acknowledged that the impacts of the climate crisis have a “prominent and increasing effect” on people’s lives and health, the industry, and socioeconomic development.

Russia is currently warming at an average pace that is 2.5 times faster than the earth as a whole. The government’s “first stage” plan indicates that it officially recognizes this as a complication that needs to be addressed. However, President Vladimir Putin has denied that it is caused by human activity.

The “first stage” plan notes dam building and swapping to drought-resistant crops as preventive measures. Crisis preparation was also mentioned including evacuation in case of disasters and emergency vaccinations.

In the document, the government lists risks of climate change including threats to public health, increased infections, an onslaught of natural disasters and the melting of permafrost. It also endangered species as they are forced out of their natural habitats.

As for the possible effects that Russia deems “positive,” the document claims decreased energy consumption in cold regions, expanded agricultural areas and exploration opportunities in the Arctic Ocean.

Russia is listed as one of the most vulnerable countries in the world when it comes to the impact of climate change.