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Mena Massoud teases the possibility of an “Aladdin” sequel

Disney’s live-action adaptation of the animated classic “Aladdin” was a box office hit. Which makes fans wonder if there will be a follow up to the film. Now, the Aladdin star Mena Massoud is teasing the possibility of a live-action Aladdin sequel.

The actor spoke to Entertainment Tonight’s Ash Crossan at the New York Comic-Con. During the event, Massoud and his Reprisal castmates were promoting the upcoming drama crime series for Hulu. When asked about an Aladdin sequel, the actor mentioned the 1994 sequel of the animated film:

“I don’t think it will be Return of Jafar, but I think there’s a possibility of a sequel, yes.”

While the actor confirmed that the sequel is in the early stages of production, Massoud shared an idea on what it could be like. Ever the one to play on humor his funny idea includes letting the film’s furry friends star.

Massoud, later on, quipped, “I think they should do one just about the animals. Like, Abu, Raja, Iago and the carpet all get together. Throwing it out there!”

Last month, the Canadian actor made his move towards philanthropy when he launched his own charity foundation. The Ethnically Diverse Artists Foundation helps aspiring talents from diverse backgrounds launch their careers in Hollywood. Those hailing from underrepresented groups like Massoud himself — who is of Egyptian descent — will benefit from the startup. The actor plans to set up the foundation in Los Angeles later on. The foundation is currently based in his native country of Canada.