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Looking in Melbourne for Criminal Defence Lawyers

When it comes to finding a professional that meets your needs at the right time and in a convenient manner, they aren’t always easy to find. There are so many Melbourne criminal defence lawyers that it is often hard to find that right one for you.

Of course, in some instances it may be easy because a family member or close friend has used one before for a similar circumstance but more often than not this is not the case. With so many Melbourne criminal defence lawyers to choose from, it may be challenging to know what you are looking for specifically when it comes to your given situation.

Additionally, the chosen solicitor needs to be suitable not just for your case but also for you. It is important that the client gets along well with the attorney to ensure an honest relationship that in turn gets the best out of the circumstances.

Before getting into the specific characteristics that should be sought when choosing a solicitor, it is necessary to understand the various areas of law that Melbourne criminal defence lawyers are able to assist in.

  • Driving offences

When it comes to driving offences, they can be categorised into two areas; traffic offences and drink or drug driving offences.

Traffic offences involve things like speeding, dangerous driving and driving without a licence all of which may require a Melbourne traffic lawyer to represent you in order to reduce the punishment of the charge.

Drink and drug driving offences are often more serious and can incur far larger penalties including jail time and licence suspensions. It is critical that you have a Melbourne criminal defence lawyer by your side to represent you in these instances to best reduce the likelihood of a severe penalty.

  • Drug offences

Drug offences can include anything from possession to trafficking. The seriousness of the offence will be dependent on the amount of the substance that is found and also the type of substance. The circumstances with which you are charged are also likely to have an impact.

Melbourne criminal defence lawyers are able to help in these instances to achieve the best result for their clients and attempt to reduce the charges and/or penalties.

  • Assault

Assault is one of the biggest categories of criminal law as it ranging from any harm caused to another person all the way to manslaughter and murder. It is crucial in these circumstances that you find a suitable solicitor to represent you given the seriousness of the charge.

  • Sex offences

Sex offences are one of the most fragile charges that can be laid given the seriousness of the case. In many instances they have been found to be made up or exaggerated but nevertheless it is important that you have a Melbourne criminal defence lawyer with you to ensure that the correct outcome is achieved.

Once the specific legal state has been identified, it is then important to conduct in –depth research surrounding the solicitor that you want to represent you. There are a few key traits that should be sought when determining the best Melbourne criminal defence lawyer for you.

  • Communication

Communication is one of the most important characteristics for a Melbourne criminal defence lawyer to have. It is important that they are constantly relaying the information to you and are open and honest about the nature of the case.

Of course, it is important for you as the client to also be honest with them but a good attorney will always communicate any findings and progression within the case succinctly and in an easy to understand fashion to their client.

  • Personality

If you don’t get along well with the chosen Melbourne criminal defence lawyer then it is going to be a challenging case. Having a personality that ensures you are able to get along well will be beneficial in holding honest conversations and working together with your attorney for the best outcome.

  • Experience

A Melbourne criminal defence lawyer with experience in similar or like cases is crucial to giving yourself the best opportunity to win the case or achieve a fair outcome. Those with experience will know how to deal with everything that comes their way and find the best solution for their client.