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How to find a reliable drink driving lawyer

Facing a drink driving offence can be an extremely difficult and stressful time for everyone involved. While of course, driving while over the limit is illegal, everybody deserves a fair trial. In order to be best represented in court, and to best understand the legal system when it comes to a driving under the influence offense, it is important to find a reliable drink driving lawyer. A reliable representative will do everything in their power to ensure their client gets a fair go. They will be kind and understanding and will explain court room lingo the best they can.

drink driving lawyer

A great attorney will respond to emails and phone calls quickly and will act diligently with necessary documents. Furthermore, they can offer quality advice and even liaise with local police is need be. As there can be very serious consequences to a DUI (driving under the influence) charge, it is imperative to find a reliable representative. Possible outcomes can include large fines, an interlock system, a suspension of licence or disqualification of licence. In severe cases where other charges are involved, jail time can occur. As a DUI is such a serious offence, here is how to find a reliable drink driving lawyer.

Check testimonials and outcomes

Most attorney offices will include testimonials on their websites and well as the outcomes of their trials. A simple way to ensure that a lawyer is reliable is by reading these testimonials. Feedback can often be found on their social media pages or on review websites such as Google reviews. If this information is not displayed on a website, it is perfectly acceptable to call an office to find out their most recent outcomes. This way it can be established if the lawyer has a good track record or not, and if it is likely that they are reliable and genuine.

Chat with an attorney to see if they are dedicated

Once testimonials and outcomes have been read, the next step is to chat with a drink driving lawyer. Speaking directly with an attorney is a great way to access if they are showing interest in the case and if they are coming across and dedicated. A reliable lawyer will be upfront with the worst-case scenarios, with prices and will not offer any judgements. The best professionals will make they clients and potential clients feel as at ease as possible throughout an already difficult time.

Book an initial consultation

Once an expert has been spoken with, it is important to book an initial consultation. Bringing a support person to a meeting can be a great idea, such as a friend or family member. While an idea can be garnered about how a lawyer operates over the phone, it is easier to get a sense of attitude, professionalism, and dedication when meeting face to face. This is when all questions can be asked, exact prices can be discussed, and the process can be spoken about.

Walk away if there are no feelings of safety

After speaking and meeting with a professional, it is important to feel safe. If there are any doubts it is perfectly acceptable to walk away. A reliable attorney will invoke a sense of safety and will conduct themselves in a professional manner.

They will have amazing listening skills and will best explain what skills and services they offer. Meeting with several different people is a great way to see who best fits that description so the best-case scenario can be had in the courtroom. A reliable lawyer will be realistic with the outcomes while also expressing confidence in their abilities. This way, peace of mind can be had knowing that a person is in the best hands.