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Laura Dern reacts to being trailed by Baby Yoda “everywhere”

Baby Yoda isn’t a ghost but he sure is haunting “Little Women” actress Laura Dern in a mysterious string of coincidences.

Fans of the Star Wars franchise were introduced to the character in the Disney+ series “Mandalorian.” But Dern’s encounter with Baby Yoda was actually at a “basketball game.” Something that she shared last week. Now it seems that she just can’t get rid of him.

“I mean, Timmy [Chalamet] and I have seen — I saw something the other night. But, it just keeps going,” the actress said speaking to Entertainment Tonight’s Keltie Knight. Dern was at the premiere of Greta Gerwig’s Little Women at the time in New York City.

“Then I saw him in my coffee today,” she hilariously revealed last Saturday. “He’s just everywhere now. I don’t even know what’s happening,” she added. Dern even posted shared photo evidence on her Instagram account. See the cute photo of Dern holding a cup of coffee with Baby Yoda in it below:

While Dern is actually in The Last Jedi as Vice Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, her character’s connection Baby Yoda is unknown.

Meanwhile, the actress expressed her excitement about being a part of “Little Women” in an interview with ET. “It was incredible. It’s a great, great gift and a gorgeous film.”

“That’s what gorgeous about getting to be in a collaborative art where you go off on a journey together, and it’s not always like that, but we moved to Massachusetts together for four months,” Dern added.