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Julie Andrews backs Meghan Markle’s move to sue a British tabloid

After wrapping up their South African trip, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry took the United Kingdom by surprised with some big news. The Duchess of Sussex had sued British publication the Mail over the weekend.

Markle filed a lawsuit against the outlet after they published a private letter the duchess had written to her father. But that’s not the only reason why the British royal finally decided to take a stand against the local press. In the open letter they posted to address the matter, Harry fiercely condemned how the press has been treating his wife since she was welcomed to the family.

The couple’s emotional announcement was taken as a surprise by avid followers and reporters. However, fellow public figures have openly supported the move and one of them is Julie Andrews. The legendary actress had appeared on an episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen when she shared a similar experience with British tabloids.

Andrews recalled a past legal battle against two publications. The said publications implicated that Andrews and her husband Blake Edwards were romantically involved with Rock Hudson. Despite being discouraged by people she knew, Andrews went on and sued the outlets.

“Two tabloids were going absolutely crazy about me at the time,” she recalled, adding, “And I decided that for a change I’d really put my foot down. So I sued them both, despite everybody saying ‘don’t do it,’ I did it. And I won and I got retractions in the same size print as the articles themselves, and I gave the money to charity.”

When Cohen mentioned that Markle is making a similar move, Andrews said:
“You know it’s very hard for the royals to do that. They’re owned by Britain, by the country. So it’s very hard for them to sue. They’re not normally allowed to.” She then went on to add “I hope she does,” in support of Markle’s decision.