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Jason Momoa looks back on Stargate: Atlantis

Jason Momoa’s acting career began in the small screen before the DC Extended Universe placed him on top of the world as Aquaman. After being launched into fame everything has come full circle for the actor who will be starring in his own Apple TV series, “See”.

With that being said, Momoa isn’t one to forget where it all began. One of the TV series that put him on the radar is Brad Wright and Robert Cooper’s “Stargate: Atlantis”. Now, the actor is looking back on the lessons he learned as an actor from his time on the fictional adventure series.

In an interview with Esquire magazine Momoa recalled:

“It was where I learned how to shoot, how to write, how to do it all. We made 22 episodes in nine months. Day in, day out. The machine.”

Momoa was a series regular in the show before he was killed off and the sci-fi ended up getting canceled after its 78-episode run. It goes to show that the “Braven” star didn’t just take acting cues from the series, he was also able to pick up a thing or two from behind-the-camera aspects of it.

Stargate: Atlantis chronicles the adventures of military personnel and space explorers who travel around the galaxy in search of Atlantis. Momoa’s character Ronon Dex was introduced in the show’s Season 2 episode “Runner.”

While Momoa did mention that Stargate: Atlantis wasn’t exactly the best project out there at the time. However, it provided him steady work that let him explore the ins and outs of taping content for the small screen.