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How to protect your computer system from malware

In a digital world where computer hackers and their malware become increasingly dangerous it seems as though the battle for cyber security has only become more high stakes. Indeed, the protection of your computer system requires constant personal vigilance and the support of professional security software, especially at commercial levels.

As the internet has expanded the number of vehicles by which malware can reach your computer has increased with it. Nowadays malicious software can be downloaded via emails, social networks and mobile phones to name a few.

No matter what kind of professional security software you have invested in there are some general rules you should follow in order to protect your computer system. Let’s take a look at some of the top methods you can use to decrease your chances of attracting malware.

How to protect your computer system from malware

Keep your network secure

The first step in protecting against malicious computer attack is to secure your home network. Ensure that your home router is protected with a password and that the password is not the factory default.

Make sure that a firewall is being used on all of your home devices. A secure home network will mean that all mobile devices you use on it will be under the same protective umbrella.

Actively avoid spam

A large amount of malware reaches people’s computers through an accidental click of a spam link. Spam comes in many forms and isn’t just regulated to the spam folder in your email inbox.

Spam can be pop-ups, links posted on social media or even phone calls from fake tech support officers. Many well-known malware scams have tricked people into giving control of their computer to remote software that then hacks their computer.

The best way to avoid spam is to remain vigilant and always think before clicking on something you’re unsure of. If something on the internet sounds too good to be true (like a free movie or video game) it probably is and those links should be avoided like the plague.

Use parental controls

If you have children then they can be a liability for your computer system. Children often don’t recognise malicious link and can easily click on things an adult wouldn’t.

Always make sure to educate your children on safe internet use and make sure that only administrators can install software. It’s important to use the controls on your operating system to limit the access that child or guest accounts have.

Keep your software up-to-date

How to protect your computer system from malware

Software that accesses the internet should always be updated whenever a new patch goes live. Software developers update their programs with new security measures to protect users from the latest form of malware.