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How eyelash extensions are becoming the most popular beauty enhancement of 2021

The popularity of eyelash extensions only continues to grow as more and more people see the benefits that the enhancement can have for your life. Not only do they provide a natural, wide-eyed look to the wearer, but they also save precious time and money for people who are frequent users of false strip lashes. Here are some of the reasons that eyelash extensions have made an impact in the beauty world and why people of all ages continue to turn to them.

They Last Longer

Everyone has experienced the tedious process of applying fake eyelashes at some point in their lives. Whether you are a frequent wearer or only use them on special occasions, you are sure to be familiar with the precise and steady application that is needed in order for them to look good and stay in place. This process can often be a huge hassle and the desired result is not effectively achieved unless you are a professional or a seasoned pro at eyelash application. Eyelash extensions, therefore, are the hassle-free solution that many people have been looking for. One session with an eyelash extension technician, such as the ones at Lash Blossom, will give you gorgeous long lashes that last you for at least 3-5 weeks.

You Can Choose How They Look

Similarly to false strip eyelashes, certain styles of eyelash extensions suit different people better. It all depends on your personal aesthetic and the look you hope to enhance with your eyelashes. Salons such as Lash Blossom have a range of options that allow you to fully customise your eyelash extensions. The first thing you are able to choose is the length of your lashes and the material that the extensions are made from. Lash Blossom has lashes made of faux mink and premium silk and they can be applied in any length from 6mm to 15mm. On top of the material and length, you can also customise the look of the lashes. The “Full Blossom” offers a more natural look, the “Glamorous Blossom” offers a classic glam look, and the “Russian Volume Blossom” offers a full, voluminous look. No matter what you like your lashes to look like, your lash extensions can be customised to match.

You Can Choose How They Look

They Save Time Getting Ready

Being able to roll out of bed with glamorous looking lashes is one of the biggest benefits of eyelash extensions. Particularly if you are someone who likes to do your lashes but is often late due to the time it takes, eyelash extensions will ensure that you have jaw-dropping lashes 24/7. Remove the need for meticulously applying and removing makeup each day with this easy and effective solution.

They Save You Money

On top of saving you time, eyelash extensions will also save you money. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars a week on false eyelashes, all it takes to have big beautiful lashes all day every day is a monthly session with your favourite lash technician. Plus, treating yourself to a monthly salon experience is a great way to relax and feel fabulous!