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How digital marketing has changed in the past 10 years

The online world changes so fast it is sometimes hard to keep up our marketing efforts to align with what is relevant now. Before consumers would include companies in their decision making process for buying a new product or service.

However, the online platform now encourages user content creation. Information sharing, reviews and testimonials are on hand to everyone before they even think about using your brand. This now takes away the trust from the sales person that was once seen as the information expert.

How digital marketing has changed in the past 10 years

Businesses and brands are now finding it more difficult to market themselves to consumers as they already have all the information. A lot has changed in the past 10 years, Myspace is no longer the social media giant and things are a lot faster.

Taking into consideration how the consumer has changed as well as the digital world will shape how you attempt your digital marketing efforts in the future.


Consumers don’t respond to sales pitches or cold calls anymore. People are busier and will only listen if there is something of value to them now. Hopping on trends and tailoring messages through viral posts is something that brands can do to gain traction.

If there is a viral trend online that is going around social media, brands can also participate with their own take on it. Having a video or showing relevance in the mind of the consumer will get your brand recognised more.


With the rising amount of content being created everyday it is hard to stay afloat in the sea of information. Creating your own content is something that should be a top priority when thinking about any digital marketing effort.

Unique and interesting approaches help brands stand out amongst something that is quite similar. Having your own spin on topics or innovative ideas can help you stand out amongst the crowd.

Content creation is also a vital step with any SEO efforts that you may have. SEO is what gets your brand notice and heard. The world uses search engines to look up phrases and businesses. Having your brand appear at the top will yield a higher success rate for any campaign you plan to implement.


Search engine optimisation is one of the newer ground breaking techniques that everyone needs to address when doing any sort of digital marketing. Google has the majority of the market control when it comes to search engines so understanding how their algorithms work is crucial for your brand to be heard.

People are no longer sitting down sifting through hundreds of pages when trying to find a new service. Nearly two thirds of the world’s population is online and so should your business.

Optimising your website for speed, mobile use and potential voice recognised searches are some techniques to ensure that your website is seen.

Social media and engagement

The past 10 years has seen an influx in usage from various social media platforms. Social media has become another channel for businesses and people alike to communicate.

Familiarising yourself with all platforms and using them effectively is a vital part for any online presence strategy. Audiences like to voice their opinions and matters to brands now and social media is an easy effective channel for them to do that.

Quality social media posts and constant monitoring increases your brand’s audience engagement which will in turn increase your brand’s awareness and overall public image.

Adaptation is the most important part of any digital marketing campaign. The digital world is constantly evolving and our efforts have to change along with it. If you sit back and don’t acknowledge change and trends, you will miss the boat and will be left behind while your competitors succeed.