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Hire a tent and grab your supplies with these 3 bold beginnings to an adventure

We all want a way to escape our day to day lives, especially in the wake of a pending pandemic and an everlasting line of bad news that seems to dampen the sunnier days more than ever before. So many times, we’ve all considered dropping everything, going to hire a tent and setting off on a grand adventure. Never before has that been an easier task. The adventure awaits all of us, for those bold enough to jump into the waters of excitement and mystery of course.

In Australia, we’re lucky enough to be surrounded by gorgeous plains and even more roads not yet travelled. If all one needs to do to have an adventure is hire a tent and take the plunge, then where do we sign up?

We were inspired by so many tales of people doing just that. So we’ve found our groove and will be going through the 3 boldest ways to hire a tent and start your own adventure!

hire a tent and pick a direction

1.    Pick a direction and head off

One of the more directionless examples we could think of was to hire a tent and pick a direction – whether it be by car or foot (we’d recommend car for safety and water’s sake). Either way, the adventure is in the direction, when you hire a tent you may be so inclined as to ask a direction of where to go, usually those who handle rentals will have an opinion or two and have spent a fair amount of time adventuring on their own and can give you some sage advice to go along with the equipment you’ll need.

While this is a directionless outing, it’s by no means meaningless one, the simplest adventures are often to most memorable, all you need to do is hire a tent, get your supplies and pick a direction to begin.

The quiet solitude

2.    The quiet solitude

Of course, not everyone needs to be on the go for long periods of time for it to be considered a grand adventure, like so many others, the gold is in between the steps taken. For many a solitude-stricken spell away from the everyday is just what the doctor ordered. When you hire a tent and simply setup in a nice and even-tempered locale, you have a grand opportunity to have your inward perspective embark on a grand adventure of its own.

Especially when you hire a tent with a decent amount of breathing room, there’s no telling how long you can stay in one pocket of nature and enjoy the sound of silence for a while.

3.    The grand Aussie icons

The grand Aussie icons are awash across the large and sunburnt continent and begging to be explored with little more than a call to adventure and a brave heart. Just hire a tent, plot out your journey and hit the road! There’s numerous camping sites plastered all over the road to the grand locales in Australia and they are always welcoming to all types of travelers, from the learners to the most experienced.

Blue Mountains
Three Sisters rock formation in the Blue Mountains National Park in New South Wales Australia

From the Blue Mountains to the wonders of Uluru, there are so many ways to see this great country on a budget. You can hire a tent and the camping equipment from most places in the country, take the plunge and thank us later.

There were just a few of the ways you can kickstart your adventure, there’s so many ways to take in some sights and enjoy the moment – simply hire a tent, pick your course and let the chips fall where they may.