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Family dies taking a selfie at Indian water dam

A family, including a newlywed woman, drowned after falling off a reservoir while trying to take a selfie.

Authorities from south India’s state of Tamil Nadu say four died out of a group of six who were holding hands while standing in waist-deep water along the Pambar dam. One of the six slipped and fell, pulling the other three.

The newlywed’s husband was able to save his sibling from sudden death but could do nothing to save the others that drowned.

India holds the highest number of recorded selfie-related deaths globally. Around half of the 259 reported global deaths between 2011 and 2017 occurred in the country, according to the study published by the US National Library of Medicine. Tailing behind India is Russia, the United States, and Pakistan.

The newlyweds were reportedly visiting relatives in Tamil Nadu when the incident took place on Sunday. The pair traveled from Bargur in Krishnagiri all the way to Uthangarai with the bridegroom’s sister according to a local news outlet, The Hindu.

The three went into the water taking along with them three teenage siblings. One of the three, a boy aged 14, slipped and fell as he dragged his two sisters aged 18 and 19 with him. The chain reaction saw the newlywed woman and bridegroom’s sister dragged with them.

The sister was saved after her brother managed to pull her to safety. However, the four others had disappeared underwater. Authorities say the lifeless bodies were later recovered and autopsies will be carried out.