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Eddie Murphy on his “Surreal” Saturday Night Live comeback

It’s a big weekend for fans of Saturday Night Live. The long-running sketch show’s next episode will mark the return of one of its legendary alums, Eddie Murphy as a host. Murphy saw his beginnings on SNL as the television favorite catapulted him to stardom since 1984.

A few years have passed since Murphy last graced the SNL stage. And we can’t blame him, being the massive movie start that he is. Despite his success on the big screen, Murphy knows how to look back and appreciate his beginnings on the show.

Now, the “Dolemite is My Name” star is reflecting on returning to his roots once again.

“It was kinda surreal, but like a good feeling,” he told Today’s Al Roker about revisiting the set for his special appearance. As for whether there’s any difference to taking on the SNL stage now from when he started, the comedic actor says:

“But it feels kinda dreamy. . . . No, it’s not [different]. That’s kinda one of the things that makes it dreamy. I mean they did a little remodeling in the offices, but it was still the same spirit up here, and it’s still the same big burst of nostalgia.”

It seems like Murphy still feels right at home on the NBC set located at 30 Rockefeller Center. And that means audiences will get a belly full of laughs on the late-night show this coming Saturday. Even with a career spanning over three decades, we’re sure he’s still got a lot more tricks up his sleeves.