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Details of the Oscars luxury gift bag worth $225,000

No matter how down-to-earth an actor is, chances are they are never too “real” to hope for an Academy Award or even a mere nomination in the course of their acting careers. It’s only sensible to covet an “Academy Award-winning” or “Academy Award-nominated” title next to your name as an actor. It’s a status that only a handful of industry talents get to enjoy and it inevitably lands them bigger roles and a higher paycheck.

As if that’s not enough, it even gets you a bag full of luxurious goodies. That includes a yacht cruise, cosmetic surgery, and personal matchmaking services all expenses paid. This year’s gift bag totals an amount of over USD225,000 worth of presents according to a report by Reuters.

Distinctive Assets founder Lash Fary offered insider details about what’s in the bag. “It’s the highest value we’ve ever put together,” he told the news outlet. Among the many, many gifts the loot includes a 2-day yacht cruise ($78,000), facial rejuvenation treatments ($20,000) and a matchmaking service ($20,000).

About 80 luxury items make up the unconventional loot bag which includes silk robes, gadgets and a 24-carat gold-plated vape pen that was inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio who popularized the trend of vaping a few years back.

“This is an acknowledgment of an amazing performance that they put in and, for many of them, a lifetime of amazing performances. So, you’re never too rich or famous to outgrow gratitude,” Fary said about the bags. And this amazing perks just come as a minor bonus and an opportunity for brands to connect with Hollywood’s A-list celebrities.