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Coronavirus: Man dies in street, death toll rises to 258 and more updates

Elderly man found lying dead in a street in Wuhan — center of coronavirus epidemic

The lifeless body of an elderly man was found in ground zero of the coronavirus epidemic — Wuhan, China. An ambulance arrived on the site with police and medical staff clad in protective suits. The unidentified man was carried away in the ambulance. His cause of death has not been determined while the public widely believed had died of the virus.

2019-nCoV death toll rises to 258

According to reports from the AFP, the number of confirmed deaths currently stands at 258 in total. Authorities China’s Hubei province — hit worst by the respiratory illness — reported 45 new fatalities today. Confirmed cases of the infection in the said province continue to steadily increase, with figures currently at 1,347. Based on numbers previously issued by mainland China’s government, the national total for the number of confirmed cases in the country stands at over 11,000.

Spain: first confirmed case of coronavirus in the country

Spain has its first case of 2019-nCov after a man was diagnosed as infected with the virus. The country’s Health Ministry announced the confirmation coming from the National Centre for Microbiology earlier today. Officials say the man, as well as four others currently under observation, came in contact with a German national who was diagnosed with the virus.

Thailand confirms its first human-to-human coronavirus transmission

The southeast Asian country recorded its first case of human-to-human transmission of the 2019-nCov after a taxi driver was found infected by a tourist. The taxi driver in question is among five new patients confirmed in Thailand today, with cases in the country tallied at 19 as of this writing — the highest outside of China.