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Common Questions Business Clients Ask About Online Printing

The practice of online printing has gained momentum in the commercial sector as clients seek new and improved means of accessing their printed materials.

In 2018 there is a strong need to eliminate needless costs and to drive towards efficiency, two elements that underpin a successful small business or a startup enterprise.

Printing is an activity that arrives in many forms, from flexography to offset printing, direct-to-plate printing, rotogravure, letterpress and screen productions.

So what is it about the online format that managers, marketers and designers continue to gravitate to?

Well there are a number of answers to that question, but firstly we will explore what some of the most common questions are asked about this endeavour by business clients.


What Is Online Printing?


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Online printing is a means of printing items utilizing the internet and the cloud. Rather than visiting stores where a transaction and exchange would take place to physically copy the product, these documents, business cards, fliers, brochures or posters are uploaded as a file with specific instructions attached. Certain digital services will have designers on hand at an additional cost to make alterations, but the concept in this example is to offer convenience and speed of delivery. Traditional outlets would normally require a longer turnaround period and with the advent of online technologies, this is no longer the case.


Is This Better Than Dealing With a Local Print Shop?

For some individuals, there will be nothing that an online printing service can offer that a local outlet could not, although that opinion is becoming more scarce. The advent of online technologies is not intended to drive local stores out of business, but rather open up the commercial sector to greater choice, greater quality and most importantly, access to speed and convenience.

Mailing over physical copies to a store or heading out can be a drain on time and resources, commodities that some brands do not have much of. The answer to this question is entirely subjective, but there is a greater appreciation for this expansion in the industry.




What Are The Benefits For Businesses?

The versatility of an online printing service is second to none. Given that there is a brand who can provide their expertise on their own terms without having to pay for hefty lease term agreements with a store, they are open to investing in printing technologies and being available to customers in real time. Just by uploading some files in the cloud or through email, there is efficiency with the process in 2018.


Is Online Printing Worthwhile In 2018?

There have been questions emerging about online printing and whether or not it is valid given the decline in the print media sector. It is important not to shy away from this trend, but as business managers and staff members, it is also relevant to examine the data and research gleaned from this area. The studies that have been undertaken illustrates that the cut-through with print advertising and print media has a greater success rate than simple online commercials. For visibility and to garner the attention of the consumer or the recipient, there is no comparison.


How Do You Know Which Provider Is Best?

There are a number of ways in which you can gauge the relevance and authenticity of an online printing outlet. The first would be to check that you can have complete access to a proofed copy or a physical preview. When a bulked order is made in the hundreds or thousands, it can be too late and too costly if an error is made.

If you are sitting down and having a consultation with one of the providers you have shortlisted, or happen to be in a dialogue with them online, attempt to find out how they go about their practice and whether or not there are time constraints and additional costs that could be inclusive. The more you know about their mode of operation and the more they know about your demands, the faster you can arrive at a decision.