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California residents forced to evacuate amid raging wildfires

Residents in California by the thousands ordered to evacuate their homes amid the raging wildfires that ravaged the state’s north and south regions on Thursday. Prior to the firestorm, the unforgiving weather conditions caused the state’s largest utility company to enforce widespread electrical blackouts.

A mandatory evacuation order was imposed on over 40,000 southern Californians as wildfires scorched areas in Los Angeles. Numerous homes were reduced to ashes in the area on Thursday. Two blazes worsened by powerful winds burned through dry brush up to Santa Clarita’s communities. So far, no injuries have been recorded according to the BBC.

Los Angeles fire chief told the news outlet that neither of the fires have been contained. Earlier on Thursday, a separate blaze charred 10,000 acres of land in Sonoma county’s wine region of northern California. Known as the Kincade fire, it left devastation in its wake as nearly 2,000 people were ordered to evacuate.

According to local media, only 5 percent of the Kincade fire was contained on by Thursday evening. Smoke from the devastating blaze tainted Napa county’s clear blue sky. Strong winds and relentless sun worsened conditions.

No confirmation as to the fire’s cause has been confirmed as of yet. However, Pacific Gas & Electric told media that it had an issue with one of their transmission towers near the location where the Kincade fire ignited, as per The Guardian. It is not clear whether the problem had sparked the fire.

California has recently been facing dangerous weather conditions with strong winds, low humidity, and high heat.