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2021 Australian Product Reviews “Short Term Loans” Award Winners CashnGo are Dedicated to Helping Everyday Australians

The 2021 Australian Product Reviews Awards revealed a number of impressive Australian businesses that are striving to make the world a better place for their customers. One of these businesses is winner of the “short term loans” category CashnGo. They have deservingly been recognised for their efforts towards providing fast and convenient loans to people for any occasion.

CashnGo was developed by George Hajjar, a dedicated businessman who believes that the loan process does not have to be overwhelming and convoluted. He and his team have spent time utilising the latest technology to carefully develop a loan system that is simple yet effective. CashnGo is ideal for people looking for smaller short term loans of up to $2000.

One of the biggest appeals of CashnGo is the simple application and repayment process. Applying can be done online or at an in person kiosk and will only take around 5 minutes of your time. You will then be offered a quick answer on whether you are eligible for a loan, although almost anyone with a steady income will likely find themselves approved. Once approved, CashnGo strive to deliver your funds in only half an hour. This is perfect for anyone who needs that little bit of emergency cash. This process is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week so that you can access fast money at any time.

The repayment process is also designed to be incredibly simple and customer friendly. During the application process, you will be asked to nominate the bank account that your regular income is deposited into. When you receive your income, CashnGo will automatically take a repayment. You will be notified by SMS before this occurs so that you can stay on top of repayments. You can also access the handy online dashboard to see your balance.

The combination of secure application and repayment process guarantees that you can easily manage your loans. CashnGo have spent their time as a business listening to the need of their customers and doing everything in their power to meet and even surpass them. The service team is also available to answer your questions or assist you with anything you may need.

No matter what you need a quick short term loan for, CashnGo is the ultimate solution. The process is hassle free and accessible to anyone, providing fast outcomes for everyday Australians. This is why they have grown into such a successful business and why they are being recognised for their unique approach to continuously optimising the loan process.

With CashnGo, you can be prepared for any situation. George Hajjar and his team continue to develop the business and provide solutions to Australians from around the country.