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Ashton Kutcher admits being “fired” from Elizabethtown

Ashton Kutcher was set to star in the 2005 film Elizabethtown before he was ultimately replaced by another heartthrob, Orlando Bloom. Now, the actor is sharing the story behind why he wasn’t cut out to star in the film.

The actor and tech entrepreneur acknowledged being “fired” from the film in the newest episode of the web show “Hot Ones”. The First We Feast YouTube channel’s hit talk show featured Kutcher answering personal questions while feasting on spicy chicken wings with each spice level getting higher than the last.

In the episode, Kutcher says being kicked off the film was on him. However, he also noted that Crow had initially wanted Bloom to play the starring role prior to his casting.

“Yeah, I’ll say fired, sure,” he tells host Sean Evanson the show. He revealed that after Bloom turned down the role to do a Scott Riley flick, he “went [to] audition, he cast me and then we started working on it”

“I think he wanted to see the character rehearsals all the way, and I probably wasn’t disciplined enough as an actor to get myself to a point where I was able to do that and show it to him in a way that he felt comfortable,” Kutcher explained.

In addition to that, the 41-year-old later found out that Bloom became available around the time he was being let go from production.

Elizabethtown stars Kirsten Dunst opposite, Bloom. The romantic drama tells the story of Drew (Bloom) who falls for a flight attendant named Claire (Dunst). All while on a journey to self-actualization as he mourns his deceased father.