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Are massage guns good for you?

Massage guns are an intriguing product due to the offer of fast and effective pain relief that they provide. But do they actually work? How can you be sure that the massage gun you buy will properly soothe your aching muscles? Read on to discover how massage guns work and if they are actually good for you.

What is a massage gun?

Before determining whether a massage gun is good for you, it is important to know what exactly they are. A massage gun looks like a bit like a drill and uses vibration therapy to relieve pain when applied to a sore muscle. They have seen a huge increase in popularity due to their convenience and the relief that they offer to people who suffer from pain. This includes athletes, office workers, tradies, and everyone in between.

How do they work?

massage guns good for you

Massage guns work through what is known as “percussive therapy” or “vibration therapy”. The massage gun allows for rapid bursts of pressure to be applied to the problem area in order to loosen the tension in the muscle. This increases blood flow to the area, reducing inflammation and breaking up the tension felt in the body. Similarly to how massage therapists use fast chopping motions with their hands to eliminate knots, massage guns utilise this technique to allow you to feel the same effect in the comfort of your own home. Massage guns such as this Healsage Massage Gun Pro have a range of settings and features that can be utilised for your specific issues. With 6 attachments, consistent percussion with a 12mm stroke length, a range of intensities (from 900rpm to 3200rpm), a long battery life and 4 modes, it is ideal for any tension that you feel.

What features do they have?

With many different types of massage guns on the market, there are a range of features to choose from. Consider what your specific needs are and use this to aid your decision. The area of the body that you most need relief for, the intensity of the pain, and more are all important factors to consider when selecting a massage gun, as each one has different features that accommodate for each of these conditions.

So, are they good for you?

Massage guns are becoming increasingly popular, particularly due to their convenience and the way that they are easy to use in your own home. But are they actually beneficial? And are they safe to use on your sore muscles? More and more studies are being released that look into the success of massage guns. It has been found that vibration therapy can be highly effective for preventing delayed onset muscle soreness in particular, this being the pain that is felt 24 to 72 hours after a workout. The use of a massage gun after intensive exercises could be the thing that stops you from the pain that ensues after a day or two. Many massage treatments that employ similar techniques to a massage gun have also been shown to improve overall agility and performance in athletes.

Those who use massage guns have reported excellent results in terms of muscle rehabilitation and pain relief. There are many satisfied users worldwide. Overall, a massage gun is an effective way of achieving the results that traditional massage delivers from the comfort of your own home. They are lightweight, transportable, and come with a range of features that are ideal for treating muscle pain. Whether you are someone who engages in intensive physical activity or someone who suffers from pain or stiffness in general, massage guns can be very good for you to try.