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Apple’s new iPhone models are being mocked on social media

Apple launched its new iPhone in California on September 10. While new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max boast upgraded camera capabilities, commentators have been deterred by the new phone’s usual, and in some respects, poor design. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, described the phone as having “more megapixels” and “smart HDR.”

The new device featured a rounded square on the reverse-side of the phone in the top left-hand corner. In the square are three camera lenses, with some users on Twitter providing some brutal takedowns of the phone’s new design. While the phone’s design has been controversial, there is no doubt that the iPhone 11 Pro boasts some amazing new camera features.

The new triple-camera system could revolutionise the smartphone camera experience. Equipped with an Ultra, Wide and Telephone camera, the iPhone 11 allows users to capture four times more scene. This makes it great for architectural or landscape pictures. The Wide Sensor also has 100 per cent Focus Pixels, which means Night Mode footage and photos can be captured with much higher quality (regardless of the level of natural light available).

While the device has been mocked for its camera design, it has also faced some criticism for its lack of innovation. The lack of 5G inclusion has been polarising, while others have been disappointed with Apple’s focus on the camera at the expense of other possibilities.