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An inside look into Al Pacino’s new Amazon series “Hunters”

Amazon Prime Video’s latest series “Hunters” has piqued the interest of many with its peculiar premise. It stars Al Pacino and marks Logan Lerman’s return to the small screen. Hunters tells the story of a diverse group of Nazi hunters from back in 1977.

Based in New York City, the band discovered that Nazi officials live among average Americans and are plotting to start a Fourth Reich in the United States. Their ultimate goal is to bring the Nazis to justice and prevent genocidal plans from materializing.

According to the show’s creator and executive producer David Weil, the series is “A love letter to my grandmother.”

“My grandmother was a Holocaust survivor and she told me about her experiences during the war,” Weil explained as per Deadline. “Hearing this felt like the stuff of comics books and superheroes.”

Weil started the project five years ago before it was finally picked up by Amazon Studios. In creating it, the producer thought “what was my birthright to continue (my grandmother’s) story? There are so many survivors who are not with us. The community has grown smaller and it was a love letter to my grandmother.”

He credits the William Shakespeare classic “The Merchant of Venice” for inspiring Pacino’s character in the series. Its 2004 film adaptation starring the veteran actor as Shylock.

“This is a show about vigilantes who reclaim their power and asks the question ‘If you hunt monsters, do you risk of becoming a monster yourself? It’s a timely idea we should be asking ourselves in this day and age,” Weil added.