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5 Signs You Need Prescription Glasses

Never underestimate the importance of our eyes.  We use them for everything, from when we wake up, work, love and play. Life’s best moments are captured with our vision.  But not only is good eyesight is essential to special moments, but daily tasks too. So if you notice your eyesight deteriorating, don’t wait, it is critical to protect our eyes in the form of Optically prescription glasses.

Now let’s take a look at some of the top 5 signs you need prescription glasses.


Eye strain (Computer Vision Syndrome)

Have you ever felt your eyes tiring as you spend extensive hours in front of a computer screen? This is a sign you are suffering from eye strain, which occurs when we concentrate on something for a long time. As a result, you may feel a burning sensation in your eyes, blurred vision, headaches and stress.  Eye strain is not a disease, however sign and symptoms of eye strain can indicate an underlying condition that requires treatment.

Although eye strain is annoying and uncomfortable, it can be alleviated with the use of frames. As the world continues to digitalize and we increasingly use our personal devices, corrective measures such as prescription glasses are critical to protect your eyes.


Troubled reading

Are you finding it difficult to see the board or read small prints clearly? Or have you increased the text size on your computer or mobile phone? This is a result of a refractive error, which is the most common type of eye problem. This is caused by an abnormal eye shape affecting the bending of light entering the eye. Subsequently, a clear picture cannot be formed. The use of prescription glasses can help correct vision and prevent further eye deterioration.


eye checkup


Misplacing items

Do you need to hold objects a little closer or further to be able to see clearly? Or have you mistaken your colleague’s lunchbox for your own? All these sticky situations can result in awkward encounters or loss of personal items. This can cause immense stress and pressure to perform normally unnecessary and time-consuming tasks to make up for the issue. Besides causing frustration, losing items such as keys, remotes and wallets can have a major impact on the day, with many rocking up to school or work late due to searching for items. Misplacing an item can also lead to arguments, as people are likely to blame others. With the help of prescription glasses, your vision can be corrected whilst going about your day with the least impediments as possible.


glasses and a book


Poor performance at study and work

Do you have difficulty in concentrating? Or have you noticed a reduction in your attention span? This may be a sign you have poor vision. Consequently, this affects your ability to perform well at school and work, which will hurt academic, social and professional opportunities in your future.

In addition, sports such as basketball, soccer, tennis and hockey require the ability to clearly see fast-moving objects with visual tracking and depth perception, which translates to good hand-eye coordination.  So if you’re experiencing these issues, it is time to invest in a pair of prescription glasses.


Need to spice up your look

Are you sick of your same old look? Well, frames are a great way to shake things up and keep up to date with the current trends in eyewear. A pair of properly fitted and fashionable prescription glasses should complement your appearance.  Our faces come in all different shapes and sizes, oval, round and heart. In addition, your frames should complement your eye colour, hair colour and personal style. So not only are your eyes well-protected, you will be looking your best.