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Why You Should Choose to Reglaze Glasses Instead of Getting a New Pair

In the modern world, much of what we do is on computers, smart phones, laptops or other electronic devices. Because of this, our eyes have become prone to short distances, leading to a rise in environmental-based myopia. More and more kids need designer glasses to correct their vision, which has led to a spike in eyewear purchases. If you’re someone who has recently damaged their lenses or just like the current style of frames you wear, you should definitely consider choosing to reglaze glasses, as opposed to purchasing a whole new pair of spectacles from your eye doctor or online. There are several advantages of choosing to reglaze glasses, so let’s take a look at the most important.



Money saver

A new pair of specs can be so expensive. Ask anyone who owns eyewear. If you want eyewear that is of high-quality and good brand reputation, you’re looking at spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Prices can inflate even higher if you’re looking at multi-focal lenses as opposed to single-focal lenses. More importantly, not having eye insurance will mean higher prices. For low-income earners, this may not be an option. Instead, choose to reglaze glasses, as it will save you money compared to spending money on an entirely new pair.



But what if you love your eyewear? Perhaps you’re content with the pair you have now and do not wish to change. You feel confident with your current pair and it helps boost your self-esteem in social situations. In this situation, choosing to reglaze glasses is the best option to ensure that you’re able to keep the same frames, yet replace your lenses so as to keep your prescription up to date. Likewise, with styles quickly going out of fashion and fads constantly dying and/or returning, there is no guarantee that your favourite type of eyewear will always be available in the market.

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Time saver

For all those with spectacles, it is clear that the process of purchasing new lenses can be tiresome. Having your prescription checked and choosing a new set of frames can be cumbersome. Adding to this, those frames have to be re-fitted to your head. If you’re someone who is busy, and more importantly, someone who needs their spectacles urgently, this process is just not viable. Instead, choose to reglaze glasses so you can skip many of these steps and have your spectacles back in no time with the right prescription.


Prescription and eye health

Your prescription will likely change a lot throughout your life. Some people never need eyewear, while others need glasses from birth. For those who do need it, however, the likelihood of your prescription not changing is small. Because of this, you don’t want to be purchasing a new pair of spectacles every single time. To solve this, choose to reglaze glasses so that you can make sure that your prescription remains up to date.

On top of this, it is really important that your prescription is current, as having the incorrect prescription can actually harm your eyes in the long term. Indeed, wearing the wrong prescription will likely cause eye strain or give you headaches. However, choosing to reglaze glasses will reduce the likelihood of this happening, as the process is so quick, cheap and simple.


Save resources

In the modern world, sustainability is really important. Developing a habit of recycling could go a long way in improving our conservation of resources in the long term. It may seem pointless, but perhaps of instead of throwing out your broken pair of spectacles, consider choose to reglaze glasses. You save the resources that would have likely gone into making those specs and overall create less waste.