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What to consider before choosing your family lawyer

When going through family law issues, it’s important that you have a professional by your side. In times of emotional duress, a professional can help you out with the legalities and relieve the amount of stress you’re under.

But choosing the right lawyer for your case can be tricky. There are several characteristics you should think about before settling on a lawyer. Make sure you are getting the right lawyer for you by considering these factors first!

What to consider before choosing your family lawyer


The family lawyer you decide on should have the experience to back them up. You want someone who is knowledgeable and acquainted with your type of case.

While experience isn’t the key indicator of knowledge, it certainly helps in knowing what to do. Having someone who’s experienced can make the process much easier and ease the stress you have.


Similarly, check that your family lawyer is experienced in family law. Having that specialised expertise will ensure that you are employing someone who is professionally adept.

Having that expertise is important – it helps your case and can be useful if you are necessary to appear in court.


It is important that you and your family lawyer have a good level of communication. It should be easy to understand each other and make sure you are on the same page.

Communication is so important to keep each other informed about updates in your case, and to agree on the expected and ideal outcome.

Your family lawyer should be easy to communicate with and accessible. If your family lawyer is not making the attempt to reach out to you and keep you updated, that is not a good sign.


The way your family lawyer conducts themselves can be very telling. It can affect the way you communicate with them.

Family law can be a sensitive topic, so it is important your lawyer is someone you feel comfortable being around and talking to.

Having someone who is understanding and respectful to your situation can make all the difference. Remembering that your lawyer should be easing your stress, not adding to it!


What to consider before choosing your family lawyer

It’s important that your family lawyer is accessible. Having that point of communication and being in contact with them will make it easier to deal with your case.

You should look at someone local, or if not – someone willing to travel or spend time with you over the phone.

It should be easy to access and contact your family lawyer. If not, you might be disadvantaged and more stressed when dealing with your legal situation.

It is important that you consider all of these factors when choosing your family lawyer. Having a balance of professional and interpersonal skills is important when dealing with such sensitive legal issues.