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What kind of projects can be better done with scaffold hire?

Scaffold hire is not just for use in putting up skyscrapers! A strong aluminium framework around a structure is the best way to ensure safety for the people working on it. It also makes all kind of building or renovation work more efficient, as it is far easier to get around. Here are some ideas for the kinds of project that scaffold hire can make easier and safer.


Obviously the initial construction of a building will require extensive aluminium scaffolding. This allows multiple areas of the house to be worked on at once, so that the whole project can be finished faster. It’s also far safer for workers higher up to be supported properly.

Even once the initial foundations and supports are put in place it’s a good idea to keep the scaffold hire going while you put in the finishing touches. Not only does it provide support if something goes wrong, it also makes it easier to access the roof.


Painting and repainting the exterior of your house require your painters to be able to reach all of the outside areas. While this can be done with ladders, these will need repositioning every time the painter tries to move on, and require someone at the bottom to hold them.

Scaffold hire can be the perfect solution. This will make it easier to move around for the painters, and even though you will have to erect the structure in the first place it will still be more time efficient than the constant repositioning of ladders.

You will also be able to set up platforms for the paint to be stored on, making life much easier for those doing the painting and saving more time in the long run.


It can be hard to see how scaffold hire would help with demolition work – after all, don’t you just have to knock out the foundations and supports?

In fact, you will be able to salvage and recycle far more material, as well as better preserve the building site. You will be able to bring your structure down from the top, resulting in a far neater process.

You will also be able to preserve as much of the materials as you want for a rebuild, which will reduce your costs. You can also sell off some of the construction material, as you will bring it all out intact. Spending a bit of money on a scaffold hire can actually save you a lot more in the long run!


If you want to do a major renovation, such as adding new rooms to your house, you will be able to move the job along faster with scaffold hire. Not only will this help when you build the new rooms, but taking out any external walls that need to be removed can be done fare more neatly and precisely.

Taking walls out neatly will minimise accidental damage to the rest of your house, as well as preserving the materials for use in the renovation. When you build the new structures you will also have all the benefits that come from construction platforms and easy access for your builders.


Scaffolding benefits also extend to any work you have done on your roof. While the benefit of having a platform is less important on a roof, it is still a valuable safety net for your roofers. Additionally, it will be far easier to get the materials you need onto the roof if you have the structures in place already.

If you are adding solar panels to your roof the scaffolding will also help the electricians with space and access.

So there you go – scaffold hire is useful in all kinds of areas! Whether you’re building, painting, renovating or roofing your home, scaffold hire will make the whole process quicker, easier and cheaper for you!