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What Kim Kardashian’s actual skin looks like 

The beauty industry has taken over in ways that just didn’t resonate with consumers the way it did before. Today’s beauty standards continue to be increasingly unattainable because of filtered photos, editing and the lack of representation when it comes to skin types and shades. Because of this, more and more people are becoming hyper-aware of their appearances. And feel the need to pack on makeup or go through a rigorous skincare routine with products worth thousands of dollars to achieve the ideal look.

So what exactly is the ideal look? When it comes to skin, it’s all about having even-toned, poreless, wrinkle-free, blemish-free and texture-free skin. Some call it flawless but a more fitting description would be the word “impossible.” That’s right, all these qualities at once is basically something straight out of a camera filter and only foundation with the heaviest amount of coverage can achieve.

To prove this point, we turn to an image of one of the most influential people on social media and in real life, Kim Kardashian. A close-up photo of the reality star has gained significant attention on Reddit because it showed the world what her skin actually looks like. And although she seemed to have a ton of makeup on, the natural texture of her skin could still be seen sans filter.

She has an amazing realistic looking skin, and keep in mind that she has access to the best skin products/treatments in the world. Don’t be deceived by the high skin standards that is put upon you, a flawless skin doesn’t exist in real life, only on instagram. from Instagramreality

Speaking realistically, her skin looks pretty damn good. But if we compare this to her filter-laden photos on Instagram, it’s absolutely a far cry. So don’t feel too bad about your skin the next time Kim posts a flawless selfie.