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Weight gain made Lili Reinhart feel “insecure” on Riverdale

Riverdale star Lili Reinhart is candidly opening up about struggling with body image after a fan pointed out that she and the show’s cast have “perfectly chiseled bodies” in a now-deleted tweet.

“Don’t you think TV shows like this aimed at teenagers are contributing to unrealistic body expectations [and] body image issues?” the fan wrote to Reinhart.

The actress didn’t fail to give a response and started a straightforward Twitter thread. “Actually, not everyone on this show is perfectly chiseled,” began. The Hustlers star then admitted that shooting scenes in her underwear also gives her feelings of insecurity.

“Even I feel intimidated by the physique of my surrounding cast mates sometimes when I have to do bra/underwear scenes,” she wrote. “I’ve felt very insecure due to the expectation that people have for women on tv, what they should look like.”

But Reinhart pointed out that she has accepted her body for what it is despite the pressure placed on actresses to look perfect on screen. She explained that she has “come to terms with my body and that I’m not the kind of person you would see walking on a runway during fashion week.”

She then pointed out the features of her body that aren’t deemed conventionally ideal before admitting that seeing these as flaws  “is still something I struggle with on a daily basis. And it doesn’t help when I’m being compared to other women.”

The television and movie star then opened up about the weight she gained after feeling depressed this past couple of months and the insecurities that came with it.