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Ways to relieve your common cold symptoms

Everyone gets sick every once in a while, and more often than not, it’s with a common cold. While there is no actual cure for this common viral infection, there are many ways you can relieve the symptoms it brings.

Having a common cold often brings a mild fever, sore throat, cough, and a runny or blocked nose. Headaches, loss of appetite and an earache can also occur.

Dealing with the pesky symptoms of the common cold is a nuisance, especially when you’re running on a schedule. The interruption to your plans and day-to-day life can make you even more stressed!\

Read this article for tips on how to relieve your common cold symptoms.

Ways to relieve your common cold symptoms

Drink fluids

It’s important to keep your body hydrated when it is going through this sickness. Drinking warm water can also help if you have a sore throat or dry mouth.

Adding lemon or honey to your sore throat can further help in easing the discomfort you feel. This relief is important is help you go about your activities with a common cold.

Watch what you eat

Having a common cold can often cause you to feel nauseous, so make sure to watch what you eat when you are sick. Incorporating nutritional foods into your diet, especially foods with high vitamin C content, can help with your recovery.

Eating foods with certain textures can also cause discomfort. Sticking to relatively plain food and easily digested food like porridge is beneficial for your stomach and throat.


This is probably the most important step in your journey to recovery. Your body needs to rest in order to heal, so make sure that you are getting your necessary amount of sleep.

Make sure your sleeping conditions are comfortable to ensure you are getting a good quality sleep. This can make a huge difference in your recovery time and easing your discomfort.

Cut out the unnecessary social media browsing before bed and take advantage of that extra time to get more rest!

Make a trip to the pharmacy

Ways to relieve your common cold symptoms

You won’t need any medication to cure your common cold, but if you have a blocked nose, using a nasal spray can help ease it. Similarly, you can get eye drops for sore eyes.

A low fever can be eased with some paracetamol and lozenges can help your sore throat. Get what you need to target your specific symptoms, but make sure you don’t overdo it!

Medications that you get over the counter generally don’t make much of a difference. It’s important for you to remember that the best you can do is relieve your symptoms and get some rest!

Be patient and careful with your body. Make sure that you don’t yourself under stress or go out into unfavourable weather conditions without suitable protection.