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Ways to invest your money

Learning how to manage your money and organising it in a smart way will eventually require you to learn about investment.

Investment is a helpful tool that can enable you to grow your money. Having a long term outlook is important for your investing success. You should never aim to get rich quick by investing because it’s unlikely that will happen.

Being patient and steady with your investments can help build a good foundation for your money management. Diversification of investment is important as well, to ensure you don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Here are some of the ways that you can invest your money to get a return!

Ways to invest your money

Savings accounts

This is probably the simplest way to invest your money. If you find that you have quite a lot of cash sitting around in your normal everyday transactions bank account, why not open up a savings account to earn from it?

Savings accounts are good for security reasons too, as it means not all of your money is sitting in one account.

As an investment option, savings accounts are the least risky option, but also the option with the least potential for high returns. Most savings accounts will only offer a rate of 1-3%, so you might be interested in something with more of a return.


Investing in shares involves buying stock in a company’s ownership. Your wealth can grow through dividends, which is income paid to share-owners, or if the share price increases.

Shares depend on a company’s performance, so it can be hard to pick the right business to invest in.

It is often a good idea to invest in multiple companies rather than sticking to one. While shares have great potential for returns, it can be risky to invest as the stock market can be volatile.


Ways to invest your money

Bonds are a less volatile option if you aren’t willing to invest in shares. Companies and the Government issue bonds as a way to raise money, which they then repay with interest.

Investing in bonds can give you higher returns than cash, with less risk than shares.


If you have the cash, property is a great way to invest as you can make money through your rental income. Furthermore, you gain a significant asset – one of the few that don’t depreciate.

However, nowadays property is becoming more and more expensive, making it a hard investment option to choose.

Investing your money is a smart move to build up your wealth and learn how to manage your finances. Make sure that you research and plan your investments – don’t just dive in without any knowledge.

Start slow and invest more at your own pace. This will help you build your wealth slowly but surely