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Time-saving tips to keep your home tidy

With our busy lives, the house often gets messy and disorganised right under our nose. Without realising it, we contribute to this mess daily in the way we move around the house.

By changing the way we operate around the house, we can ensure that there is less to clean. Working smarter rather than harder is the key to easily managing a clean house!

Here are some tips that will save the time you need to put into cleaning up around the house!

Time-saving tips to keep your home tidy

Be mindful of where you put things

Being mindful of where you leave your items around the house is key to keeping an organised living space. This is harder when you have young kids who shift things around, but make sure you set the example and replace items to their rightful place when you are done using them.

Neglecting to put items in their normal place can disrupt your storage system and add to clutter that’s just lying around the house. Save yourself the accumulated cleaning task by putting in that extra conscious effort.

Use all the time you have

One of the best ways to save time dedicated to doing chores is to use all the time you have. You might not even realise that time is available.

For example, when you are waiting for your kettle to boil in the morning, take the opportunity to unload your dishwasher. Or clean as you cook to save yourself the time after.

Have a regular schedule

The best time-saving tip is to just be organised and mindful of when you are going to do tasks. This saves you so much time in the long run.

For example, you can set your washing machine to run in the early morning so that the washing is ready to be hung in the morning. Or let your dishwasher run at night so that it is ready to be unloaded and reloaded.

Make time for tasks to be done, and do it in an efficient and smart way. This will save you the stress and mess in the long term.

Be smarter around the house

Time-saving tips to keep your home tidy

Whenever you rummage for a certain outfit or item in the house, make sure you’re not mindlessly making a mess. Clothes that you try on but don’t end up wearing should immediately be re-hung.

Similarly, whenever you’re walking around the house and see something out of place, take the few minutes to replace it. After you take your shower or bath, take five minutes to quickly clean your bathroom.

Just being smarter in the way you take care of your house on a daily basis can prevent all the small tasks from accumulating and becoming a big job!