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The top health tips for elderly people

Aging is a constant process and tends to catch up with people faster than they realise. While being elderly allows you to impart unsolicited wisdom on to younger generations it comes with its own disadvantages as well.

While age brings with it certain limitations it shouldn’t be taken as a sign to give up being healthy. In fact, adopting healthy habits during your old age is the best way to prolong your life so that you can enjoy the final chapter as much as possible.

Let’s take a look at some of the top health tips for elderly people.

The top health tips for elderly people

Stop smoking

Many elderly people have smoked all their lives and might begin thinking “I’ve made it this far, so smoking can’t be that bad for me”. The truth is, for every elderly smoker who thinks this way there are many more who cut their lives short with cigarettes.

There’s never a bad time to quit smoking. Smoking causes issues such as cancer, heart failure and erectile dysfunction in men. It also attacks the elasticity of your skin, making you more wrinkled than you would be otherwise.

Keep physically active

Even though you find it hard to move with the same flexibility of young people, you shouldn’t give up on physical activities. Staying active promotes cardiovascular health and helps you maintain your freedom of movement for longer.

Eat nutritious food

A well balanced diet is always essential and this is no less true during old age. You will find that eating good food will give you more energy and make you feel happier overall.

Prevent falls

Accidental falls are some of the biggest injurers of elderly people and can be especially hard to recover from. Be smart and eliminate possible causes of falls by removing loose carpets, clearing hanging wires and wearing firm shoes whenever you can.

Keep up-to-date on health screenings and immunisations

The top health tips for elderly people

By the age of 50 most women should be carrying out mammograms to check for breast cancer. Similarly aged men should be checked for prostate cancer.

Make sure that you take advantage of any vaccinations or preventative screenings that are available to you. A quick check-up that identifies a problem in its early stages can save a lot of money and trouble later on.

Get check-ups for your hearing, vision and dental

As we age parts of our bodies like our eyes, ears and teeth begin to function less effectively. Make sure to get a check-up when you notice that it’s harder to see, hear or chew on things.

Stay sexually active

While not everyone likes picturing it, old people like to have sex as well. There’s no reason to be less intimate because of your age and you should work around any limitations age may have brought you.